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  1. i think it will get more spins after the vid
  2. iwould do it. jut tell us wehre to get them
  3. i can't stop thinking of the things you do when you're freakin' e and i'm freakin you tony yayo i just like how it sounds 200 posts :yeah:
  4. i remember watchinwith my friend but that waz like in 2001-2002
  5. boy you knock me out cuz it's the only one i heard
  6. nice guidelines. i hope some idiots read them before they post
  7. ws.com is crap. this is a true fan site without any posts like how hot/cool is will that only make the site suck
  8. this is a good vid. the kind will should have hit us with a long time ago
  9. i visit it sometimes but i think it sucks big time
  10. true but i think they're gonna come to their senses since they realized that they have a goldmine with money pouring out of it
  11. i wonder if that is a real cd player in the beginning cuz it is really cool. i would like to have of those
  12. interscope really trust will. it finnaly good to see him finding a record label where he is appreciated at his full worth. sony kinda treated him like crap especially on B2R. i'm sayin they definately realized that he can sell a whole bunch of albums since they invested that much money in the ps video (all those special effects). i hope this propells will to his well deserved place in the charts :thumbsup:
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