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  1. So Will and Sean Paul are on the Bad Boys Ride Or Die Soundtrack together! The song is called “Light Em Up”. Soundtrack is dropping June 7th. https://www.instagram.com/p/C7icHEyNjuQ/?igsh=Y2txdXA5Mjc4emt0
  2. I've subscribed and received a video. Maybe the intro to his new album?
  3. Great performance! Let's hope this is the start of some more music related stuff.
  4. Joyner Lucas and J Balvin have been talking about his new album and new music. So let's hope we really get something this time.
  5. Yeah the trailer looks dope! Can't wait. Hopefully we will get some new music from Will on the soundtrack.
  6. It also says that they recorded songs before the Oscars slap. So it has been more than a year and it still hasn’t dropped or leaked. Wonder if we will ever hear it. I have my doubts.
  7. Great to see them do shows. We need more of this!
  8. Loved the performance. Takes me back to the show they did in Blackpool. It’s great Jeff & Will getting love and respect from their Hip Hop peers.
  9. I like Joyner's music. And if he gets Will back in the game it's fine by me.
  10. Sounds promising. Let's hope we will really get some new music. Joyner is supposed to drop his new album (Not now, I'm Busy) soon so maybe they were working on a song for that album. Or Joyner and Will are doing an album together or he is co-writing it with Will. Either way, it looks promising but we have been disappointed before when it comes to new music.
  11. You are so right AJ! He should have been there! No excuses. It just shows that he's done with music/hip hop. It's sad!
  12. I don't know what to think about this. Aladdin was fine, nothing special. Don't feel the need for a sequel but I guess Hollywood just wants to make money.
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