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  1. I've been reading this book for a while now. I love all the music stuff. Too bad he didn't focus on Code Red at all. I love the story about him creating Summertime. I'm almost finished with the book. I must admit that the later chapters are not as good as the first ones. Not my cup of tea.
  2. Anyone watching this? I've watched the first two episodes so far and I like it. Some great visuals.
  3. Have a great time! Looking forward to your pictures and videos.
  4. Thanx man! Great stuff! I love how he came on stage with the “Will Remix” he did with Joyner Lucas. Dope!
  5. Yeah Will vs. LL would be dope. But I doubt if that will happen.
  6. ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Drama Reboot at Peacock Changes Showrunners https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/fresh-prince-of-bel-air-drama-reboot-peacock-showrunner-1235033805/
  7. Great trailer! Hope it will do well. I play tennis myself so I’m definitely gonna check it.
  8. Thanks for posting! This is the first them that I hear them do the Street Remix of Boom! live. Great stuff!
  9. Dope! Those are the ones. Thanks! Didn’t know they were still online.
  10. Happy 30th birthday to Homebase! It was released on July 23 in 1991. That makes it 30 years old today. I wished they released a special edition or a remastered version. But I guess that’s not happening. I wonder if Will or Jeff will post something about it on FB or IG.
  11. These snippets and freestyles are no longer on his IG profile. Anyone downloaded them or saved them?
  12. RIP Biz. Never really got into his music. I first heard him on “So Fresh”. Gotta check out some of his older stuff.
  13. I call BS on this story. Just a guy looking for attention. It’s easy to talk about this when Tupac isn’t around to confirm or deny it.
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