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  1. Man, that was so awesome to just absolute legends of hip hop dancing and singing along with them. That felt so great to see them getting love for the hip hop community like that.
  2. Hopefully now that Rock put his stuff out there this whole thing can be put in the past.
  3. I’m glad he put this out. I’m looking forward to this being in the past and having things back to normal.
  4. Wow, that was SUPER interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing that Brakes.
  5. Oh man, I absolutely loved that! I couldn't hear Snoop on Instagram, I had to switch to Twitch to hear him. Here's the link I watched on. It requires a subscription, but if you have Amazon Prime you get a free subscription with it.
  6. That was great! I love seeing videos like this where Will's career gets credit.
  7. Chief, you're still alive? I was hoping you'd have caught the corona by now.
  8. I'm loving it. I like the style of bringing each movie title in, and it's great to see him giving respect to Will in such an open way.
  9. Will just posted this, a rehearsal for their 2017 concert. Excellent.
  10. I'm loving this song! Has a very 90's hip-hop feel to it.
  11. I'm really not digging him in blue. That image gosia posted looks good though.
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