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  1. Hey people need your help. Im looking for a software called Adobe creative suite 2 I looked on the offical adobe site and as you can imagine prices are high. times are hard and friends are few. if anybody knows of a good reliable site that sells this or can get it for cheap please feel free to pm me. hope you can help!
  2. love the pics of will and jada :2thumbs: that mouse one is nasty :mygod:
  3. :mygod: that video is cool :2thumbs: just seen it from dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince site. think they should work together on wills next album well done :wiggle:
  4. I tried links it says I havent got the right video player to view video :shakehead: Thanks for the advice through. are you from the will smith offical site too?
  5. thats one thing I can get. :lolsign: I be well mad if I couldnt get fresh prince. I cant wait :yeah:
  6. :tantrum: :tantrum: cos i havent as you can see im mad Whats your opinions on it and do you think I like it?
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