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  1. yeah how come you became a potna so fast? thnx for the video
  2. the more i look at what he does the more i think he should get shot or have ramianed dead when "9 bullets" passed tru him. i really hope this track flops
  3. hope it gose up on airplay after the ninth. it should be numba one
  4. true, but jazzy jeff said something to us, even if on his site so Fp could do it here.
  5. i really think it's stupid. it is such a funny show espcially the skit with the nigga family.
  6. its cool that jeff talks to his fans too bad that will doesn't.
  7. "oh no it's the nigg...z" i think its from one of his movies
  8. tnx for your appriecitiation. sorry for spelling mistakes. it is hard to find them and upload them but i do my best. i am trying to upload a celebrity deathmatch fight with mib and x-files. do u think it is worth it?
  9. i know y'all prob seen it but you can add it to your collection of WS things http://rapidshare.de/files/2341723/SmithFa...binson.avi.html
  10. here's a link to a clip with the teletubbies dancing on boom!shake the room. it is pretty funny http://rapidshare.de/files/3197853/Teletub..._room_.mpg.html try it
  11. i agree with y'all. it's almost like will doesn't care about our opinions.a single single in 5 months it's just not enough. he said he was going to put music first but until now we did not see anything. :thumbsdown:
  12. this is a link to a file in which will smith talks to stefan raab. it is in german tho and only audio. but it is quite funny. http://rapidshare.de/files/3172883/Stefan_..._Smith.avi.html try it :2thumbs:
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