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  1. that dancing towards the end doesn't match the vid at all
  2. it's gonna last another two albums of will til 1000 more come here
  3. so when does the party start?
  4. i am here stop making posts like this cuz you will get banned and i will prob get banned too
  5. that sucks man. how could they do this to will
  6. check it out http://s26.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3DBKHM8...6A3FGYZZTPWBUCT
  7. nah but it mentioned ps as the new single
  8. those kids are gonna have the time of their life. i felt the need to "complement" teachers sometime
  9. my chemical romance and the killers suck. some of the things that were worth watching was shakira( omg she was hot) eva longoria (bathing suit) mariah carey (good performance) and that's bout it.will should have performed PS and lost and found to shut those gunit morons up. it just wasn't worth watching and diddy sucked as a host. i only liked that part where he told ppl how he came to diddy with seanye west and all
  10. that rihanna has some gud music plus she's hot
  11. hope your mom changes her mind and she lets you stay online
  12. that sucks. in october the whole pary mood iz kinda out so it will not sell as much and get the deserved airplay. are they gonna release the vid too?
  13. i bought popcorn todat and in it iz an article about will and his vacation in copacabana. so now we know how come he did not get a chance to release ps video. urgh, he should have promoted ps with video and everything and after L&F sells a mil in the usa then he can go on vacation
  14. shakira and eva longoria heated up the whole arena
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