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  1. Hero1

    Will's Book

    Amazing Dave - enjoy Brand New Funk live and represent for the JJFP fans!
  2. Hey man - great to hear from you! I think the "Will" book is phenomenal - I wish more people came back to the forum because there is so much in the book to discuss. He really goes in deep on becoming a battle rapper and the making of the Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince albums. You probably misses some music he dropped on his Instagram & YouTube. Will from Home was on Snapchat - there is an interview with Jeff on that after he almost died from Covid. There's still heaps of things going on - just less people on here to talk about it unfortunately. Hopefully the book brings some people back!
  3. Hero1

    Will's Book

    My thoughts on the first 9 chapters: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7lVMG8BZmzhqKyWGEaxQk3?si=aspejnXGTfa4wkuSrKNwNw&context=spotify%3Ashow%3A3D4hyMgdkz9aCpMIuQbUzs
  4. Great idea. Here are a few things I’ve found. fascinating in the book. - Jeff having cancer as a teenager - I never knew this. - JL becoming their manager because he had a fax machine. - Will’s version of why they got rid of Ready Rock C - I loved the way Will described him becoming a battle rapper in Philly. - his first girlfriend cheating on him. You can hear the pain as he recounts that part of his life.
  5. Hero1

    Will's Book

    I’m up to chapter 2 of Will, listening to the audiobook - I think it’s phenomenal. We are really getting to see the inner Will and why he was so successful and the hurt and pain he carried inside. Definitely recommend everyone getting it.
  6. Hero1

    Will's Book

    Awesome Dave! London is sold out! I'm currently watching the live stream in Philly!
  7. Wow this looks so good. Can't wait to see it. Unfortunately they aren't releasing in Australia until January ahead of the Australian Open.
  8. Looks like Will might finally get his Oscar. Very promising!
  9. The Mary J. bilge documentary on Amazon was amazing, and featured Chucky. Rest In Peace. He created some great music.
  10. Oh man that's a shame, Chris Collins worked on 'The Wire' so I thought he would have been good.
  11. I'm going to try and do a new one with @JumpinJack AJ !!
  12. The Will Smith Podcast is now up on Spotify - subscribe to it today!
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