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  1. We don't know the full story and it sounds like Will did some stuff too but i can't watch Jada in anything anymore, i've lost all respect for her and what shes says. Will just looks massively hurt by this, i don't know how they managed to recover from it tbh. I feel different about how they talk about love and marriage from now on, like its all a lie. I also agree with AJ, Will seems different with Jada, he seemed more like himself and the old Will we know and love when he was talking to Charlie and Jeff.
  2. Hi guys, sorry it appears i haven't been on here since 2018, i'd like to say Ive been busy this year but obviously i haven't lol. This reunion had everything. I loved how we got so much backstage information, the tribute to James Avery was perfect. I'm glad Janet and Will made up, sort of. It was obviously very awkward. I'm sure Will wasnt perfect as like he said, he was 21 and had ambitions. Janet must of been difficult as the rest of the cast hated her too. Theres a red tablet talk where they go into this in more detail, which is just as awkward. I'm glad they talked about the family vibes they had. You could really feel that watching the show. It almost felt like as a viewer you were part of that family too.
  3. 2005 was a good year. Sad thing is, this is probably still sort of saved on my hard drive. But even after 13 years I don’t have the computer skills to get it working haha.
  4. It’s not much but it’s currently in the chart at number 149.
  5. It was pretty average until Will came out and brought the energy. Really nice to see him on a massive stage and enjoying himself. Hes trending on Twitter, nothing bad people are just shocked he’s there. Hopefully the song might chart a bit. Hes finished filming now so I’m hoping he’ll want to do music for a bit before he starts filming again.
  6. I’m definately gonna get the tidal trial. Sounds like an amazing interview. We may have a bit more of a wait if he’s only half done. But what’s a year when you’ve waited 13 haha.
  7. Another awesome verse. Getting high hopes for a decent album.
  8. That’s a difficult one, I picked rap/RnB but I could also choose BWS era and lost and found rhyming. I guess my favourite stuff from Will is were he samples disco type tunes but has decent singers on there like Dru Hill and coko. I love his bragging style like jiggy but I also love it when he’s got something to say like tell me why.
  9. Never thought I’d say this but he needs to listen to Jaden haha. Jeffs been telling him to release that freestyle and he did and it blew up, hopefully he’ll learn to listen to them.
  10. I feel about this the same way as Get Lit etc. The song is pretty catchy but Will needs a bigger part. I guess the most exciting part is it’s the World Cup song, everyone around the world is gonna hear this. i definitely wanna hear more of the freestyle and freak accident style songs over this.
  11. This is the best rap verse I’ve heard in years. I was getting worried Will wouldn’t be able to write as good as he used to but that’s better than some of his older stuff. Hes been so clever with building his Instagram and YouTube channels so people love him, then boom drops that on them. And the reponce couldn’t be better.
  12. I’m so excited, you can’t ask for a bigger stage than that. I’m not mentally prepared for this haha. world cup songs are usually so uplifting, hopefully his lyrics will be amazing.
  13. Yeah sorry, I asked Jeff, no Will. He said recording with him is coming but we’ve heard that before haha.
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