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  1. Oh cool. I really enjoyed these documentaries. Nice to see Will back at it. Meanwhile people aren’t liking a lot of Chris Rocks comments about the incident. He’s not coming across well.
  2. Wills Instagram post is great. Using comedy to test the water. Glad to see 99% positive comments, fans telling him they love him and come back. Great to see. Hopefully he feels comfortable easing back into the public eye now.
  3. I was thinking that. Very much his dead shot haircut with the beard.
  4. I’m glad he did this on his own Instagram on his own terms. Apologetic and not acting like a victim. He looks hurt but I actually expected him to be worse to be honest. Sounds like he’s trying to heal. The internet seem to of mostly taken it well, still the odd person overreacting but hopefully he can move on now and start getting his career back.
  5. I thought this dude was getting cancelled btw can’t believe these old school emojis are still on this site.
  6. People will always make jokes about the slap for the rest of his career unfortunately. People still joke about the entanglement, they still talk about the open marriage. It will always be there and someone will always make a comment. I don’t however think it’s the end of his career. He’s too liked and too talented for it to overshadow his whole personality. I think the next step for him is to go about his business. Do a new film, then as he’s promoting it, he will undoubtedly be asked and he can address it then. I don’t think he should do an interview just about it. It’s just bringing it all up again.
  7. I enjoyed this, nothing new as it was all the stuff he wrote about in his book but it was a nice little interview.
  8. I always thought this would still happen, and if it didnt it would be nothing to do with the slap. People aren't gonna skip a decent movie because Will slapped someone. It'll be long forgotten by then, apart from the odd joke.
  9. I looked at twitter to see what peoples thoughts are on it. And most people are saying it’s unfair he’s been banned yet they haven’t banned people like Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and Harvey Weinstein. And they have a fair point. One person even wrote Will got a worse punishment than the people that stormed the capitol lol.
  10. Maybe we can get better films from Will now he no longer needs to chase that Oscar. I’ve always preferred a MIB type film to an Oscar winner.
  11. Although I think 10 years is such a long time, I feel a bit relieved by this news. I really didn’t want Will to lose his Oscar. Imagine how devastating that would be to lose an award you worked your whole life to get for a moment of madness. The Oscar’s had to punish him some way to show that they think violence is wrong, so Will had something coming to him just so the academy can look good. Now that’s done it can become yesterdays news, Will can focus on himself and hopefully build his career back.
  12. That reminds me. I need to make an account with the lil Wayne forum to tell them all his music sucks.
  13. Honestly, as much as i hate the situation, the memes are pretty funny. But yeah, the media need to take it easy now, they are interviewing every celebrity about it to try and get another headline. I'm disappointed in some celebrity takes on it. Amy schumer said it was really upsetting to see Will slap Chris Rock, then ive seen another story saying one of her jokes about the Alec Baldwin shooting accident wasn't allowed. Why does she think a joke about someone getting killed can be ok? Anyway, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Will made a mistake, we all make mistakes, let it go.
  14. Ok so all other things aside. We really should congratulate him for this. I'm not into tennis or even sport but this film was great. I much preferred this to Ali or pursuit. He did a great job and deserved this Oscar finally. I forgot i was watching Will Smith when i saw it.
  15. I think it was on the discovery channel.It was really good, although he only narrated it. Welcome to earth was better as it was him going out to places.
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