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  1. As mentioned in the facebook group yesterday, nice to be back. I also have bought a golden circle ticket and am looking forward to the show and meeting you guys.
  2. Happy b-day dude. Hope it was a gr8 one
  3. I just wnet there again after a long time and I'm disgusted by everything. The mods don't give a rat's ass about the site and people post those pics which are absolutely horrific. That site is gone for ever. Too bad...
  4. Romania: Parliament suspends president Opposition-dominated parliament voted for Basescu's suspension on grounds that he abused his powers Thursday, April 19, 2007 By RFE/RL See all articles by this author Article Tools Print article Print Email this story Email Discuss Discuss Romania's parliament has suspended President Traian Basescu on charges of unconstitutional conduct, deepening the country's political crisis and raising the possibility of a new presidential election. The opposition-dominated parliament voted for Basescu's suspension on grounds that he abused his powe
  5. My whole life has lost its meaning... I feel void inside.... Goodbye cruel world. Naw seriously this has happened to me too
  6. Damn dudes where do y'all hang out? :))
  7. I'm a big fan of Sandler and can't wait to see it myself. Besides the jessica biel clips I've seen are pretty hot :)
  8. HIp-Hop really is dead . Have you heard MIMS. That's the biggest crap I've ever heard
  9. I like willenium too but I still think L&F is his best solo album :)
  10. Cool pic fan4ever and gg turntable :D
  11. I saw another reference but to Will And Jada. On Eve's sitcom she was saying how she would like a relationship like theirs
  12. I think it's great he turned down charlie and the chocolate factory. No offense to anyone but I just cant picture a black willie wonka
  13. http://www.allhiphop.com/rumors/index.asp?ID=1195
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