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  1. no one is nazi. the only ones that are good are sido and eko fresh
  2. most of them do but i like eko sido and fler feat dj tomekk
  3. i think alfonso did best in the episode in wich will got shot. as for as i can remember
  4. the critics prob will have somethin against it but i am sure will knows what he is doing. it is cool to see will in drama movie that could go for the oscars. can not wait to see it.
  5. i can not wait to see tha magnificent back in action. i hope some1 ups this
  6. i think it is a great track that should have made the haters shut up.
  7. lol. madame tussaud finally made a statue of him. doesn't look like him that much tho :lolsign:
  8. is it me or does this site keep getting better: real forums not like WS.com with sexual perverts, blog and the most important arcade. thnx a lot TIm for such a great website where real fans can post their opinions in a relaxing way and play some cool games. props man P.s do not tink i wanna kiss your ass i just wanna give props to such a great website
  9. i am not surprised to see it do as it did as well. but if Ps does not get released as video soon., i am starting to have my doubts that it reaches platinum
  10. i downloade the video and i must say it rocks. taty is pretty hot. i think will kinda steals the show from her. when was it released? if y'all want i can upload it
  11. lost is one of the best shows ever
  12. this article is really stupid. will doesn't mean that at all. when bws was out all were doing the same thing: bragging about how rich they are and in mr.niceguy that wallet thing says that will does not give a damn for what his haters say :ninja: :jada: :pony: :wtf: :mikelowery:
  13. http://s33.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0VGM514...ZP2YVS8XO57T7G4 this is the link any feedback apreciated
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