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  1. england. paprika or bbq chips? shaq. my question
  2. it is really deep. i had somethin like dis with a friend of mine (a boy) nothing sexy. we were just good friends but he fell in love with a girl and after that girl became his girlfriend (which was only for his money cuz he is a lot richer than me) he totally forgot our friendship. but now he has come to his senses but he moved back to germany where he is from. and now we keep in touch thru text msg. he will come here soon so we talk bout things and bring me magazines like mad which you can't find here. i only knew him for a year but we became very good friends
  3. hopefully it will lead to him selling more
  4. coo. i didn't think it existed but it turns out i was wrong
  5. i don't see how this is related to jeff. topics like these should not exist at all and if they do they should be in the off topic forum. this is a post worthy of loretta board aka ws.com. i think tim will let you off the hook this time but if you keep posting stuff like this you will be banned. :damnyou: :stickpoke: :pony: :ShockRifle: :wtf: :jada: :heavy: :damnlorettas: :nhawong: :banned:
  6. i'm curious to see what those mad girks will say cuz in my manly opinion he looks a little uglier with this mustache :lolsign: :wiggle: :stickpoke:
  7. i agree funky fresh chivk they should have just had no sound. it kinda ruins it a little bit
  8. thank you so much. i bow in your honour :hail: :hail:
  9. i can't really see any big differences in those pics...
  10. here we can post trcks that haven't gotten the airplay they deserve but which are very good. sort of like that topic from tim with good but less played tracks. so ppl let's see your fav songs :1-say-yes: :gettinjiggywitit:
  11. does it mean we are one step away from potna status?
  12. lucky for you you got to see the magnificent
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