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  1. and the loretta thing reached its climaxin 2001. plus will said "miss loreta a fun girl i never really met her"
  2. interscope is really ruining this great album. i hope they come to their senses.
  3. iused too but my phone got stolen. they were right next to jay leno.
  4. i had some great tracks like 1000kisses and momma knows. it is really sad that i did not get the promotion deserved so that it could sell as much as it should
  5. i voted for it but i think it really has beccome boring
  6. tell me why is really deep song. deeper than jesus walks. and the thing that mary does just gives you the shivers. i also think that it is far beyond jesus walks
  7. did you hear his new song? sean paul really done it this time. great comeback single. if y'all want i can upload it :angelamor:
  8. 1clothing: sean john & D&G shoes: adidas 2only D&G and Ecko 3no 4no 5no 6only when it is free 7sports games on pc 8actor will, adam sandler, chris rock actresses:eva menendes and angelina jolie 9no 10only of good looking celebs(girls) and intersting pics of men(nothing sexual) 11no 12no 13no 14no 15 i check here on jjfp and ws.com and for freebies for my cell hope it helps
  9. i like will becuz even tho he's a celebrity biiger than others he still remains down to earh
  10. i have listened to coming 2 da stage and we won't. i have recently bought willenium so i listen to it a lot
  11. will did the right thing to smack that idiot
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