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  1. no problemo. limewire is like kazaa only better. you can download it here www.limewire.com
  2. finally some news bout ps this calms me down a lil' bit
  3. i hope it comes soon. who knows what a loretta like me would do if it does not come out soon
  4. fifty's bitc...es are always hot but fifty is a total idiot
  5. you tell me what you want and i will try to do it
  6. lindsay is really hot. but since she is thin she is uglier. i saw a skit with her in comedy central show as hermione and she was so hott
  7. i really hope will will not mess with our patience a lot more. we hardcore fans deserve to see it already. this lack of promo is really gonna kill L&F
  8. i wanna help. just tell me what to do
  9. iwanna do something too. lol
  10. what happened between fifty and nas and between nas and jay-z?
  11. independance day hitch i robot mib mib 2
  12. Helo Dear Will. We are from Latvia. Our daughter is just 2 months old. Her name is Jane. She was born with a hard and terrible diagnosis – defect of heart. She needs your help. Difficult and high-quality operation costs 4.200$. But we believe, hope and waiting for your real help. Don’t leave us alone. Save our little and defenseless girl. Open her eyes and show this beautiful and kind world. She is tired and it hurts. She wants to see her mamma and papa, the warm and bright sun, heavenly blue and clean sky, green and soft grass. Be a provider from the darkness to the light. We very much love her. Show mercy and responsiveness. We shall pray for you. We’ll never forget you. You’re the unique hope. We believe in you. You can. All together we shall rescue this surprising, clever and kind kid. We very much hope for all of you. She has already got tired to wait. All depends on you. Together we can. Offer as many as you can. We thank you so much. God bless you. Please donate as many as you want and can, so that you can take part in a raffle for this charity, this is the bank account: LV38PARX0007649190001 . And let me tell You about my family. I work as a guard and my salary is about 100$. My wife Eve - as a saleswoman and her salary is 120$. As You can see we are not so highly paid workers to pick 4200$. The only and long-looked-for our daughter Jane was born in 14.06.2005. with the delicate heart. Now she is in the hospital, where doctors can only support her satisfactory condition, but it can`t last more than a few month as the doctors say and now we are looking for real help as soon as possible. As You know in our country, which is situated in Eastern Europe, people are enaugh poor. They can help only with a moral support. That is why we are looking for real help abroad. Anyway we really appreciate Your care. Best regards, Yanis, Eve and Jane Beketoff. it is from Ws.com :hail:
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