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  1. The gig is at a place called The Trash Bar (http://www.thetrashbar.com/) its in Brooklyn. the date is Monday 01/24/11, we go on at 10pm. You can find directions from their website.
  2. check www.nfcska.com. Its our myspace. we are probably going to be doing a show in Brooklyn in January, so if anything I'll post it on this thread.
  3. Me making this post has been a long time coming. I've very much wanted to post something in the old Numero Uno forum, but I'll put it here since that forum is gone. As anyone can tell from my signature I belong to a band called "Not From Concentrate" we play around New York City (mostly Manhattan) and have all original works of music. I know most of you guys are into rap music, but try this on for size if you want to hear something new and fresh, and above all else, of a high quality. Please tell me what you guys think. Don't Act Like That (When The Lion Gets Here) In A Haze The Breakdown
  4. He's the King; I'm the DJ. Straight fire!!!
  5. Irvin Kershner — who directed the "Star Wars" sequel "The Empire Strikes Back," the James Bond film "Never Say Never Again" and "Robocop 2" — has died. He was 87. Kershner died Saturday in Los Angeles after a long illness, said Adriana Santini, a France-based actress who is a family friend. Kershner already had made a number of well-received movies when he was hired by George Lucas to direct "Empire," which was the second produced but fifth in the "Star Wars" chronology. The 1980 production was a darker story than the original. In it, hero Luke Skywalker loses a hand and learns that vill
  6. :laugh: I love how I just blew up the thread over tofu.
  7. I definitely with you on that! I'm really jealous, I've been thinking recently "man, I really want to go see Jeff sometime" Then I see this thread.
  8. I do agree, it is nice to have a day to be with family. I do wish it was more like when I was a kid, but it is still very nice to spend the day and eat a really nice meal. The funniest thing for me is that I, along with my family, is vegetarian, so we get the tofu turkey every year, ha ha.
  9. Now you are making me think about the first time I got his albums, In my opinion, I prefer his JJFP stuff. You seem to have most if not all of his solo stuff. It is very good, but don't forget about all the JJFP gems. My fav. album is Code Red by far. Just one of those perfect albums with a good pace and vibe. Favorite song will forever be I'm looking for the one (to be with me).
  10. It seems that whenever I make an apperance on the boards, I have something new that I've added to my collection. I was in Paris thia past July, for the whole month, my girlfriend got a scholarship to study abroad and I just hung out, ate crepes and practiced the bass. We went into a random record shop and I went right to the Hip Hop section and found this little records and added it to my collection. I apologize for the poor quality photo, I really have no idea how to use my computer's webcam.
  11. wow, really amazing article. I like how each album is discussed. Not just his pre and post JJFP years.
  12. very good instrumental, vocals are mixed very well.
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