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  1. what i don't understand iz rhat will said he's gonna put music on the first place but i don't see it happen
  2. i dunno how i got hooked on will cuz i didn't even know he was in a group. but i started liking him since i was 6. will and jjfp did not get played where i live (romania) so all i heard from him was maiami which i had on a compilation cd. in 2002 i bought B2R and felt so lucky to find one of his albums here that i kept bragging about it to my friend who later bought one too. in 2003 i waz in austria and i bought BWS i listened to it on my way home from austria which is like 12 hours (well i fell asleep sice i was mega tired for about 3hours but after i woke up i listened to again and again) and this year i downloaded L&F and listened to it cuz you can not find anything of wills here. but when i went to germany i bought it and about a month ago ifound willenium at yard sale. this is my story
  3. i saw them and they were pretty good in my opinion. i liked watching shakira's performance cuz she was steaming just like eva longoria and mariah carey had a very good performance but i don't understand why hasn't will been nominated?
  4. romania is in eastern europe and they used to show it on a channel in english with romanian subtitles but now they don't. if iwanna watch it i can watch in german but i like their original voices more
  5. i agree posting it in the potna board would be better. but what about the others who strive to become potna. why shouldn't we get the info asap. there are alot of mebembers who are real fans and deserve to know the news like me fresh ta def, funky fresh chick and others. we should get the info just as you get it. it could be emailed to the other ones that are good fans but not potna.
  6. i only like desprate housewifes and lost. i think oc is a waste of time
  7. the guy who got that watch must feel he is the luckiest in the world and that gunit fat joe feud is just stupid
  8. she is really hot. it said in bravo that busta got them all from a strip club
  9. i just find hisvoice etrem funny ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh donuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut
  10. willenium is his best cuz there that old scool flava shines. tracks like i'm comin potna and pump me up are the bomb
  11. i can not wait to see it. my dreams have come true. but just in case any1 misses it can some1 up it? :dope: :thud: :mygod: :hail:
  12. i meant i looked at it before fresh from sofia posted it. but now it will not play. i use k-meleon. is that a problem
  13. i think it is better than B2R but willenium beats it. tracks like potnas and i'm comin are da best. on L&F tell me why is one of the greatest but these bonus tracks rock. too bad they aren't on all albums
  14. if will was on def jam and he did a track with jay-z that would be the ultimate
  15. i tried to set him straight and got carried away. let me try wooooooosssssssaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  16. hey you dont have to repeat that stuff here :jada: Tim
  17. i really hope so but doubts are starting to shine
  18. i lloked at will smith and it was not. i swear
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