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  1. i agree with you bigted but unfortunately those ppl are too few. i think more serious tracks would have helped ppl to realize that
  2. it waz good but i think it waz the actor turned rapper song not the harcodre rapper turned actor one. i think as a first single it would have been good but afterwards serious tracks and old chool stuff like potnas and so fresh should have been released
  3. i make fun of some of my friends too but we don't take it seriously
  4. it is a great song and it should have been released as a singke cuz it would have shown ppl that will is a serious rapper not one with tracks like freakin'it and willenium (which are good tracks but they don't show his real value as a rapper). i'm talkin bout 2000 to b2r cuz now if ps gets airplay it will show him as a real rapper
  5. we will have to wait and see. or maybe tim will explain it to us
  6. cool. quite a few locations
  7. thinks really is a great site. even if i am pretty new here i can appreciate it for its current form. so would like to give props to all her for makin it good for every1
  8. good idea. hope this keeps ppl from stealin
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