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Has anyone found a copy - or know what became of the court case in regards to the "Nightmare On My Street" video?
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They're recording it in Budapest (where Will is filming his movie), and it will feature another female singer whose name will be announced Friday

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This is legit. Go and subscribe 


The channel is only a month old, so it's brand new. 
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I felt like this song needs it's own post so we can discuss it, I know there's mixed feelings. 

Video curtosy of Juan who got the best quality video of it on the net.



So obviously my first time hearing it was an odd one, I was still in shock we were about to hear a brand new song live. At first I wasn't sure, it sounded different from his usual stuff. By the end of the song I was jumping up and down. 

I've since listened to it A LOT. It keeps growing on me and now I love it. I don't mind modern music unlike some some of you guys lol, so I'm bound to like it a bit more. I really hope it gets released, they made a good decision premiering it at this huge event to get the word out.

Then if this comes out, does I mean there's a new album due?
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David Ayer to direct Will and Joel Edgerton in 'Bright'.

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ok so the internet just told me that Will is filming Carpool Karaoke with James Corden
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First two live shows confirmed this summer!!!  Check Will's Facebook page for the video announcement!

2 dates... Croatia (26th Aug 2017)  and THE UK (27th Aug 2017)!!!!!!

26th August is MTV Summer Blast and 27th August is Live Wire Festival

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