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  2. Arrested Development is prepping their a new album release, just a year after putting out their album Don't Fight Your Demons. Their overseas tour was cut short due to COVID guidelines. The album title seems ill-fitting for the group, so I'm curious what inspired it. They just released the first single, "Vibe", featuring Big Daddy Kane. You can listen to it or buy it here: https://officialarresteddevelopment.bandcamp.com/
  3. There is a video LL did a year ago, on his Facebook or the Rock The Bells Facebook, where he was asked about doing a Versuz and who it would be with. Someone suggested Will. LL asked "does Will have the hits?" He didn't ask it in an insulting way. I think he was really referring to content, in the sense that LL has been more consistent with releasing music throughout his career. I think they would be the best mix. Jeff would have to be there.
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  6. In a chapter at the beginning of season 2 Geoffrey asks for a Jamaican cook and says something else besides the Jamaican cook, although in other chapters he has women's magazines and also dates women.
  7. Exclusive Poster https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/king-richard-exclusive-poster-will-smith-tennis-biopic/
  8. Not sure what to say to that...
  9. i'm not sure i'm interested in reading this book now after all this bull**** coming out about his affairs leaked in the book
  10. GQ - Introducing the Real Will Smith
  11. Join Will Smith on his Book Tour! Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles and London. https://willthebook.com/ Here's a video of Will announcing the Philly appearance: https://www.phillymag.com/things-to-do/2021/09/24/will-smith-met-philly-book-tour/
  12. Source: https://deadline.com/2021/09/summertime-will-smith-song-screen-gems-musical-westbrook-studios-davis-entertainment-1234841792/
  13. I'm waiting for this film to come out. This is my favorite actor. All his films are just superb. By the way, I noticed him not so long ago. But I have already watched all the films with Will on the movies123 website. Everything is there. Recommend
  14. Happy 50th Birthday, Jada!
  15. Yeah Will vs. LL would be dope. But I doubt if that will happen.
  16. If it was 10 years ago i'd say against Heavy D and the Boyz but now that he's passed I'd say Kid N Play, LL Cool J, MC Hammer, Salt N Pepa, Queen Latifah, KRS One, or Eric B and Rakim would be good choices. we need to bring back the classic hip hop...
  17. Random TV samples over a rap beat. I love it. They made a few singles, but does anyone know any more songs like this or the Paid In Full Remix?
  18. i'd consider nas and common more gospel hip hop than i would kanye west, i heard kanye's breaking records for most streamed gospel music, it's a good album, but it's not epic, although that drake trash is getting a lot of streams right now too, people called will smith and mc hammer sell outs back in the day but their music was legendary and there was a lot of quality music selling back then too, the internet killed quality music...
  19. he should release a lost and found inspiring type song for the soundtrack, win a grammy and an oscar....
  20. well i'd never consider kanye the greatest hip hop artist or anything but how many good albums are out these days? there's a reason why i don't blame will for not putting out music anymore, i wouldn't want to be associated with these wack rappers and kanye's still better than drake and 90% of these so called rappers out in the last 10-15 years...but on another note nas and common put out great albums recently but it's sad how people are so damn focused on record sales that they don't give them a listen...
  21. Here's the ‘Bel-Air’ cast: https://deadline.com/2021/09/bel-air-cast-adrian-holmes-cassandra-freeman-olly-sholotan-jordan-l-jones-peacock-fresh-prince-drama-reboot-1234833029/
  22. I gotta be honest. I'll likely not give it a listen. Kanye is too much of a clown for me to really accept his music. I haven't liked a Kanye album since about 2008-ish. It would be like buying a new sexed out R. Kelly album. The character of the artist just ruins the art. I just don't care about anything Kanye West. A Hip-Hop producer I kind of follow put it this way, and I have no doubt I'd agree. I listened to one song that a friend suggested, which I didn't really like, and felt a lot of what this artist said about it just based on that one song....
  23. I feel like I might have seen this back in the day. There's a certain feeling of deja vu when I watch it.
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