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  2. Oh man that's a shame, Chris Collins worked on 'The Wire' so I thought he would have been good.
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  4. ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Drama Reboot at Peacock Changes Showrunners https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/fresh-prince-of-bel-air-drama-reboot-peacock-showrunner-1235033805/
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  6. I'm going to try and do a new one with @JumpinJack AJ !!
  7. The Will Smith Podcast is now up on Spotify - subscribe to it today!
  8. Great trailer! Hope it will do well. I play tennis myself so I’m definitely gonna check it.
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  10. Looks great! I'll definitely see that at the cinema.
  11. I always hoped he would do something with the Fat Boys in a reunion thing. Yea he was great.
  12. Netflix Acquires ‘Fast & Loose’ https://deadline.com/2021/07/netflix-fast-loose-stxfilms-will-smith-david-leitch-1234800911/
  13. I had never seen this before - I thought the way they did the visuals for 1993 was amazing - and the street remix was a great move.
  14. I miss when this post was hopping, helping me discover new music and rediscovering old favorites. TONY TOINI TONE - If I Had No Loot Sons of Soul (1993)
  15. Unless you're referring to something I'm not recalling, I don't really fault him for not putting his business out in the street. Some of the personal stuff that came out later wasn't really the public's business. I wouldn't consider him keeping some things private lying. I'm also hoping he focuses a lot on the early days and music, but I'm prepared for this to be aimed at the mainstream audience.
  16. Wow. He put out some stuff like that over the years with minimal copies. There's so much that aren't even aware exists.
  17. Will and Arsenio have always had the best chemistry. I've always wanted them to do a film together. This was Will's wildest appearance on the show. You'd never see something like this on late night anymore.
  18. Yeah, this is a bit of a holy grail. When I was younger, I watched The Arsenio Hall Show almost every night. I somehow missed this episode, but I knew it existed because when he would do "Props 2 Hip-Hop" shows, he would show pictures of guests he had from Hip-Hop and he showed a picture of this appearance. Even when they aired reruns, they never showed this episode. I'd never seen Arsenio have that stage on his set, or the greenscreen, so this has a lot going on that was never done any other time on his show. The fact that they did the street remix is dope, too. Back in the 90's artists would perform their remixes sometimes, but it was rarely done once the 2000 hit. I do get the impression that this was during the time that Will's ego was a bit big. He kind of likes hearing himself talk during this appearance. Thanks for finding it. I thought I might never see this performance.
  19. It's insane to think it was released that long ago. Life is so different from back then. Having never separated myself from Homebase for long, it doesn't really sound dated to me. This was the album that made JJ+FP my favorite group. I was old enough to really latch on to, understand every lyric, plus 1991 is kind of my favorite hear for music (and the music that was released shortly before after it. The album deserves a remastered and expanded treatment. A few years ago they digitally released Homebase: The Remixes (https://www.amazon.com/Homebase-Jazzy-Jeff-Fresh-Prince/dp/B01MR3HFUE), which basically features the content on the singles and promotions singles for that album. That needs to be a part of a proper physical release.
  20. Thanks for posting! This is the first them that I hear them do the Street Remix of Boom! live. Great stuff!
  21. Will's made a post about it https://www.instagram.com/reel/CRrk5cThgep/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  22. A remastered version is a great idea!
  23. yes i listened to it this morning, classic always!
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