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  1. i wonder what som ppl's reply will be
  2. man, he really looks like a beggar. i wonder what the loreattos from WS.com would say about this pic? some1 should post it there :lolsign:
  3. i really feel the idea from bigted. dat would be a great track. they could release it as a single and donate the money to the victims
  4. the rapper. that's what made me like him in the first place
  5. after much consideraton i decide to post my pic. i am so ugly lol this is taken with my ohone so that's why it's so bad quality
  6. one dayhe's gonna say that he inspired the creation of jjfp by being born. idiot
  7. i hope kanye can outsell him cuz his music is beyond compare unlike fifty's
  8. that stereo in the video is one of the coolest things i ever saw. but i guess it is just too expensive for my money
  9. THAT WAS A GREAT MATCH. it's admirable how good they play in that heat
  10. i knew this. but good info anyway. this is just aanother try to milk money. i hope it flops
  11. you lucky dawg :lolsign: :gettinjiggywitit:
  12. big_wille aka polar bear did this and now he got his reward for it
  13. that polar bear aka big_willie really betryed tim's trust by doing that and this wasn't the first time he stole somethin from here. it's sad to see ppl like these
  14. good rap. nice flow. this is to polar bear right?
  15. diddy is 100 times greater than idiot of fifty. the lame product of eminem didn't even want to perform in live8 cuz he waz shootin his "great" movie( another way to suck money from ppl) maybe one day some1 will take "GGGGG_OOD " care of him. if you know what i mean
  16. it turns it is big_willie from loretta board. any1 know his id here so tim can ban him? :ShockRifle: :chuks: :daveuidiot: :willvspaparazzi: :ninja:
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