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  1. chosen one and we won't was pretty easy to get in powersya's topic... :shrug:
  2. could you post cuz it takes more than an hour to post half of it and i don't have that much time
  3. that would rock well rap and it would show these morons like fifty what true rap is all about :mikelowery: :mikelowery:
  4. very good pics. hope they put more of them up
  5. it is a very good song. i like the vid to it. very laid back
  6. how do i do that? that would be so better cuz the track iz 21 mb and it takes forever to upload it
  7. looks cool can't wait to hear it :gettinjiggywitit:
  8. i never knew that and i'm surprised he did it :mygod: :protest:
  9. i feel you. all my friends just don't wanna listen to him cuz he's will smith but they'll listen to any fifty crap. just today of my hater friends listen to i'm comin without knowing it waz by will and she waz like that's hot
  10. i like it but i think it is undecide cuz i for one can't say if it is against L&F or pro. :shrug:
  11. i would like to see a movie like a biography of jjfp
  12. imma try. ebay won't ship here. the closest thing is germany but i don't have any relative there and my parents won't even think about me buyin from ebay.
  13. no problemo. comin to da stage is on da way but it's got the reggae remix. could you pls upload twinkle twinkle i'm not a star?
  14. http://rapidshare.de/files/5676654/17_We_Wont.wmv.html this is we won't
  15. here is the chosen one http://rapidshare.de/files/5305229/Will_20..._20One.mp3.html could you pls upload twinkle twinkle i'm not a star
  16. i don't understand y he said that he would concentrate on his music more than his movies but i don't see it happening :paperbag: :therain:
  17. i would like to see jesus walks and diamonds are forever
  18. it's good to see that fanta vier respects them
  19. i have it but it is with the switch remix on it. if you want it just pm me
  20. very cute pics ppl. unfortunately i don't havee a scanner so i can't post mine
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