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  1. I had the best weekend ever, Tenacious D are the best thing you will ever see live! i pretty much spent from midday to 12am in the arena watching bands, I saw so much music after two years at reading i'm a total indie boy now
  2. I just read about this and i'd like to say take that hip hop mwhaha i have been saying for about a year now that rap has had it's time for now and that it's time for another genre to be more popular
  3. I think this is my favourite film i've ever seen robert downey jr should be given the oscar for this one, out of this world and the cameo's are genious!!
  4. it is true that he was offered the part but i'm pretty sure i saw on one of the extras that Brandon Routh was Singers only choice
  5. i saw a picture of him with the High School Musical people, i hope he's in the new one HAHA! :pony:
  6. Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When Your Naked
  7. Foo Fighters, and lot's of them :gettinjiggywitit:
  8. Will I see this hell yeah! ... but movie of the summer, it's got a long way to go to reach 'Tropic Thunder' personally
  9. Well oasis are idiots, but they are musical genious's i should point out that i'm not a hip hop fan, and am a fan of "guitar music", i have no problem with jay z headlining the fesival he is one of a very few rappers who can put on a show that said it was a brilliant idea to come out to that song, but the crowd was singing along rather than cheering for what he was doing so maybe it didn't go that well and also i've seen the entire gig, the crowd didn't sing along to any of his songs as well they don't know any, which is why even if you have it noel gallagher isn't completly wrong thats just my 1pence anyway
  10. Whats wrong with the jacket, it's classy, and it is after all a proper tuxedo jacket
  11. It was announced a few months back that this was going ahead, with the director of the rush hour films (the name escapes me) directing it
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