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  1. girl power!! haha loving it, cant wait for there tour, mght just have to go
  2. because thats what the video is about basically and why would it matter, it aint like people are going to come running actually thinking he is?!?!?!?!
  3. yeah thats true... because there are alot of people who buy because of pop. Like kids/ teanagers. But if Will got more respect from the streets it would meen he would gain sales that way. I dont think it would happen but since will has a lot of un released material it would be a nice thing to do, even if only for his fans.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qPccOeB6iU A Dave Chappelle skit for those who havn't seen it. New tupac record! Very Funny. Check it out!
  5. Hey to everyone again. Havn't been on here in a long while. hope every1 is still doing good. I was wondering what Will would feel about releasing some tracks on Mixtapes. Im sure this would stair up more radio play for his next album. He would also get more respect and more respect = more sales. I know Will is busy with films but he has alot of unreleased material he could release. I think it would be a good move. What ya'll think?
  6. omg! now you've gone and spelt his name wrong as well! watch your back! Looks like someone's gonna get banned soon! :lolsign: lol, sorry rushed
  7. Speaking of Ricky in another topic, just wondered what you all thought off this. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/films/articles/20278541 Dont no how serious to take it though...wills black and american lol.
  8. I feel left out. :paperbag: awww sorry BRAKES...id copy it for you but it deletes the previous lines as its speekin to you
  9. iv got a webserver, yep, a webserver chattin me up http://bigl.rules.it/
  10. was just looking through some UK hip hop sites and caught a glimps of a JJ interview. Just thought Id share it if you havnt read it before. http://www.ukhh.com/elements/turntablism/j...jeff/index.html
  11. what the song that has the chorus "its better than, a dj playing your tune, a girl saying she wants you, a pare of nike shoes, even chinease food"? its by some little kid. the wars bull**** its all bull**** <-- who sings that and what is his name and finaly the song about gun crime by the souside soldiers i think? cant find anything on them on google. Thanks for your help Joe xx
  12. http://www.sootoday.com/images/news/MackinacConstruction.jpg This picture purportedly shows the Mackinac Bridge, under construction in June 1957. But darn, we could have sworn we saw exactly the same bridge, looking more or less the same, in last year's I, Robot film starring Will Smith. Except that the movie had the bridge in Chicago, not Mackinac. In this vintage photograph, the section of roadway is held up by those big overhead cables you see. In the I, Robot film: those suspension cables aren't connected to anything, and yet somehow the roadway still stands. The magic of movies, eh? Well, we checked today and the Mackinac Bridge is definitely still in Mackinac, not Chicago. In fact, the Michigan Department of Transportation just sent us this announcement about a cool celebration they're holding there later this month. *********************** MDOT and Mackinac Bridge Authority issue commemorative centennial coin June 30 June 17, 2005 - The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) today announced that a special ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 30, to commemorate MDOT's 100th anniversary. The 2 p.m. event will take place at Bridge View Park in St. Ignace, where MDOT and MBA officials will be on hand along with other dignitaries. "From the days of the car ferries to the Mackinac Bridge, St. Ignace has been very important to transportation," stated MBA Administrator Bob Sweeney. "The new coin will be a favorite among collectors and commuters alike." Michigan has played a major role in delivering a transportation system worthy of celebration - from the construction of the first mile of concrete highway, to the building of the then-longest suspension bridge in the world. "Transportation is a vital link to effectively driving our economy," said State Transportation Director Gloria J. Jeff. "Throughout 2005, MDOT will be commemorating 100 years of providing quality transportation services to the people of Michigan." MDOT's centennial Web site has a collection of facts, figures, photos, and video, that trace the evolution of transportation services provided by the state of Michigan. "We encourage Michigan residents (and others) to explore the Web site - www.michigan.gov/mdot100 - for additional interesting facts regarding how transportation positively affects our quality of life," said Jeff. The new coin is the fifth in a series of bridge toll coins, or tokens, which customers can use to cross the bridge.
  13. yeah, I think this is gunna be another will smith classic.
  14. Nick Cannon has a hand in everything. From comedy to music and even movies, the squeaky clean Cannon may be heir to the throne Will Smith has created- but will he be as successful as his older, more seasoned counterpart? First up, the 24-year-old is getting set to debut his new sketch-comedy show “Wild ‘N Out” on MTV. The show, set to debut July 28th, will feature a blend of rap and comedy performances. "It's amazing. I just got all my comedic friends together, introduced them to my hip-hop friends, and we just created this big, huge improv sketch-comedy show that's unlike anything you've ever seen on television," Cannon told MTV. "Common came through. Kanye West, the Ying Yang Twins, Method Man, [Cannon's longtime girlfriend] Christina Milian. Comics like Kat Williams and Wayne Brady. It's just like a party in every episode." Next is the completion of his 2nd album, Stages, which is scheduled to drop this fall. The first single “Can I Live” is already building up steam and the album will feature the likes of Kanye West and Talib Kweli. As far as movies go, Cannon has five films on deck. Coming September 23rd is the roller-skating film “Roll Bounce.” He’s also doing a detective “Beverly Hills Cop”-ish film titled “The Underclassman” which drops August 5th. And he’ll also be seen in the gambling drama called “Even Money” which features a bevy of film talent including Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta, Kelsey Grammer, Kim Basinger and Danny DeVito. Watch out Will Smith, the kid is coming on strong!
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