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  1. De La Soul - Mornin' Rise (feat. Raheem DeVaughn) Are You In?: Nike+ Original Run (2009)
  2. so I was finally able to purchase it from the German store today.. awesome stuff! give it a listen y'all..
  3. daamn.. why can't I purchase this thing from the german itunes store.. stupid!
  4. Kanye West & Malik Yusef - Magic Man (feat. Common & John Legend) Kanye West & Malik Yusef Present: Good Morning & Good Night (2009)
  5. de la never put out something that wasn't 100% dope.. I'm really looking forward to something new.. on the other hand, I somehow don't like that 45-minute-track idea (..at all)
  6. Boulevard Connection - Claimin' Respect ..classic!
  7. a flicker of hope! let's just hope that this isn't like a year or 2 old..
  8. awesome.. but I could need a proper tracklist.. not really into last.fm scrobbling 'Nas - Uno Amore' :D btw.. I agree with DefCEM.. his raps were so much fun.. but I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't work without FP backin' him up
  9. people should stop judging people without having access to the real facts.. you can't just believe everything yellow press reports
  10. seems to be pretty good.. but I basically just don't feel comfortable listening to music that I don't get the lyrics of.. this might be something on the level of 50 cent and I wouldn't notice it, haha
  11. what's up with this twitter hype anyways.. I just don't get it. web 3.0 or somethin', huh?
  12. uuh, rad.. thanks for posting.. where did this come from?
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