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  1. nice but that doesn't look like a walkman in his hand
  2. me and friends laughed our but off. thanks
  3. fifty is just an idiot. i dunno why ppl care for what he says?
  4. i use by phone some times but i can't log in with it. i use it mostly when i am at school and classes get boring
  5. nice to see ppl giving him the credit he deserves. i kinda like usher too
  6. it does the same thing to mee. google comes up
  7. i consider it to be a very good album that ppl need to hear. if only it were promoted the way it should be
  8. happy birthday sry i didn't have a chance to post this sooner
  9. i would have to say the best looking girl is julie's friend and the best looking boy is baby brakes lol. who annoyed the most be4 you got used to them?
  10. what i watch is lost and desperate housewifes. the first season drom both of them ended here but lost will begin in january
  11. here is the biggest queston of them all: WHY DO PEOPLE BUY RECODRS FROM FIFTY CRNT AND HIS BUNCH OF MORONS?????
  12. eko fresh- die abrechnung bushido-endgegner
  13. great track. i really feel ya cuz my granda died seven years ago and i loved her so much but i treated her so bad. she always played and talked with me. she loved me so much and all i did was to treat her very bad just like a spoiled six year old. deep down she knew i loved her and she loved me more than ever. sorry got off topic great track
  14. this is something for lorettaboard. here we call it spam
  15. he would not have the fame and money he has now
  16. dre's beas are the reason why fifty is doing so good. him telling the hand that feeds him what to do is just pathetic. it's proof that he went totally berserk thinkin that it's because of himself why he is doin so good on the charts
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