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  1. i saw the vid for it last night and i liked it better than the on the cd. Can some1 pls post it? :rockon: :help:
  2. i am looking for a tool wit witch i can "Cut " music cuz i want some songs on my cell but only a part of them. thanks in adavance :help:
  3. how bout tell me why and Just the two of us? u could use those as the end to your programme
  4. yo i think that is one of his best tracks ever by big will. it shows his love to his kid like few have done. this track is so deep. i have listened to it all day. i just can't get tired of it. few have done like this and few will ever do it PROPS to BIG WILL :pony: :wickedwisdom: :rockon: :2thumbs:
  5. anyway, the track is really good. it shows his love to a girl and if you don't him you'd think it is his girlfriend lolz
  6. omg. i would so buy it. one problem tho no money to spend
  7. willow is a playa is one of my top songs on B2R. if it wazn't for tra-knox it would be hott
  8. lol. i used to draw like that so now i don't draw. no offense
  9. that is one the most suckiest tracks i ever heard from WS...
  10. lol... :wiggle: :gettinjiggywitit: :lolsign: :rofl:
  11. as long as fifty and obie trice isn't on of those tracks i would be okay wid it
  12. they really are annying but if it helps will i'm gonna stand them
  13. good news ppl. hopefully it will sell better than in usa
  14. it's numer 20 in the jamster ringtone chart and number 6 in the video ringtone chart. maybe this will expand to a chart succes considering that it was released friday and it already doing so good as ringtone. finally some recognition for a dope track not like switch which was grate but it didn't show his skillz. :2thumbs: :pony: :rockon: :wickedwisdom:
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