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  1. Fort Minor was basicly Mike going back to his roots cause before Linkin Park was evan thought of Mike would just make Hip hop music and produce beats with his friends but when Linkin Park took of Mike didn't really have any time to go back to his hip hop roots. The story behind Fort Minor is that when Mike started making beats for it he never intended to release any of it, it just starting out as an hobby and something that he would do for fun but when people heard the stuff he was producing he was getting really positive reactions and being told that he should make an album. When the Fort Minor record was being made Mike only wanted to work with his personal friends because he didn't want any big hip hop names to collaborate with so that the album would sell. So Mike was basicly doing hip hop music before Linkin Park evan took off
  2. Linkin Park isnt a straight up rock band, their a hybrid band (hence the name Hybrid Theory) of different musical styles blended together, i mean if they were a straight up rock band then Mike wouldn't evan be in Linkin Park
  3. Sorry for not including every popular song on the poll lost but i had just honestly forgot about those tracks
  4. In a fan web chat on the Linkin Park fan club website Mike Shinoda listed DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince as one of his favorite and influential hip hop artists while growing up. I can't post a link to the chat as it was on the Linkin Park Fan club site and you gotta pay to get in there but i can post the quote from the chat Question - Hey Mike how's it going? I was just wondering you influenced you while growing up Mike - Hi i'm doing great thanks. The artists that have influenced me are Run DMC, 2Pac, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, you know all the greats. Mike have also said on the fan club forums that Lost and found was one of his favorite albums of 2005
  5. I usualy check it ateat once a day
  6. My first album was Will Smith's greatest hits, then i had DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's greatest hits, then Lost and found, then Big Willie Style, then Code Red Which one should i get next? I'm torn between He's the DJ i'm the rapper, Homebase and Willienium. What do you all think i just get?
  7. I agree, infact Will needs to do more of the fan favorites like I'm looking for the one (to be with me), Just kickin it, Shadow dreams etc. Will needs to trust that he've got real fans in the audience and not just the people who only know Gettin jiggy wit it
  8. I really like Men in black. Will's flow is pretty smooth in that one and i love the bass line
  9. I think that when Will does bring out his new album whether it be a Will Smith album or a JJFP album he should take about a 2-3 year break from acting so then he'll have more time to promote the album properly and then do a proper world tour.
  10. I'd hate for his next album to be his last cause that way it looks as though he's just giving into the haters who say that he should just stick to acting. But if Will did make the next album his last it won't be the end of the world i just hope that when he retires from doing music people will remember him as 'the legendary emcee who paved the way' as oposed to 'that actor that did gettin jiggy wit it'
  11. Not sure if anyone has seen this but enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdi8HS9N2zk
  12. I'd say his best rhymes are Summertime I'm looking for the one (to be with me) Just Kickin it
  13. When wack rapper #2 was dissing Will back then did anyone in the Hip hop game stand up to defend Will?
  14. If this does happen i want the album to be titled ''DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince'' and not ''Will Smith'' and then in tiny letters at the bottom right hand corner of the album cover ''Feat Jeff Townes''
  15. Summertime I'm looking for the one (To be with me) Twinkle Twinkle (I'm not a star) Just kickin it Shadow Dreams I wanna Rock Pretty much most of the Code Red album. That's such a good album
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