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  1. i hope it will be released. i think it depends on how ps sells in europe
  2. its just sad to see a gr8 album like that not selling over a mil
  3. whoah! getting maried at that age won't be prettygood. i say it calls for a divorce in 2-10 months
  4. i don't think it's that bad. i am pretty sure it will do just as good if not better than switch
  5. i had a short summer chrash on the nerdiest girl in my class and niw i hate her what has been your fav show?
  6. it's one of the greatest books i have ever read
  7. i have just seen an advert on base about the single being released monday. it's getting airplay on the spanking new stuff saw bout fie times. maybe it will kill the charts hopefully :2thumbs: :rockon: :pony:
  8. this was posted be4. he's in dat category becuz of switch
  9. on some music channel called U you get to vote for ya fave track and it has been played a lot. i didn't see it but a girl told me. :rockon: :pony:
  10. i watch it too. that show with kanye rocked. he sure can rap. that boy kicked the hell out of those boys.
  11. here in this god forsaken land you just can't find aything from will
  12. he has his interlude and that part on www in willenium
  13. i ahve asked his cousin but she said she doesn't know much about it
  14. thanks ppl i used fan4ever solution and it worked great. props man
  15. i would get it but you can't even find L&F where i live. everything i have from will is bought when i was in germany and austria and i won't go there pretty soon. my parents won't let me buy online cuz they think i will get fooled
  16. there was somethin on hists yesterday: will smith -all the hits but i only saw it from the middle of switch. has someone if PS was be4 switch
  17. i don'twant the vid. i want the song that is is played in the vid becuz it is different than the BWS one? and you can't find will cd's where i live. the one i have i bought in austria two years ago. can someone pls help me?
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