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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYg9rHHNLsk Heard this song on the radio tonight, and came across this version on youtube. What's people think? I can easily hear shades of his dad's flow (like Lost & Found era) on this. Cool song I tihnk.
  2. I had to bust out laughing about ruining the ozone layer. Apparently, when in doubt, talk about your car. I think they should create classes in colleges about studying song lyrics of different eras as a way to explore how times change. Or no classes, just have all of us get together and really THINK about this stuff. If I'm gonna brag and be swaggin', calling my tires lorenzos is cooler than 22s. Matter of fact, that's great for the tire brand if that's what it is. Let's advertise those quality everyday services, not the likes of thousand dollar selling jewelers. hahaha. I think the person that wrote this, should revisit "Ain't No Place Like Home", and get us ready for the holidays.
  3. Remember when I posted almost all my music endeavors here, and received feedback that said I was doing the right thing, or ways to improve? I;nm not as actively keeping tabs on Hip Hop as I used to. I just finally bought Nas's album a couple days ago. I could probably count on one hand the hip hop I've gotten since I've ventured into the rock music genre. Da Brakes, Da Rebirth, Mike Petrow, Nas, Talib Kweli. And that's it as far as albums go. I began feeling I'm not gonna top the stuff I'm writing and even so, I wanna venture outside the typical subject matter. Perhaps thinking too much? Well, I intended to do one last album, but that's changed and I have 3 more unique album ideas. They'll basically be blends of everything I enjoy that's around my life. What caused me to not work on my music as frequently was financial matters, finding a job, maintaining things at home, and then the job itself. My life became 8 hours or more of work (outside of home). 8 hours or less of sleep (during the day). And the in between, well good luck with that. 2 months before the job I had that "quarter-life crisis" thing, but a year early. Hence why I would write 'Downtime' a couple years later. I wanted to put my album out time and time again, but I just couldn't do it without some tracks being a part of it. So until they were done, I couldn't put my cd out. Now that they were, the question was the so called "Quality". I know there are flaws. But sometimes flaws help make music what they are. I like the 'old school' vibe of distorted sound quality. There's a reason why things sound the way they do. Dave Grohl (from Foo Fighters) said some things that help resonate accepting things that way. Spent a million dollars on one album. Not that great. Make one in his garage, and it wins a grammy??? Or even the elation that the veterans of hip hop get rapping rhymes the the rest of the world may find irrelevant. I finally seen 'Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap'. And saw Dr. Dre say something to the effect that he could be 'an oil reg worker and still make music'. Kinda laughable, but it is true for some people. They all do it that way anyway nowadays. They make their music, but make the money in other ventures, most likely using their celebrity status if they have one. So anyway, I do what they do, just without the fame. The music is up at http://www.soundclick.com/mikefuq and http://soundcloud.co...anding-quality/ so far. As far as uploading or placing anywhere online, if anyone has any requests or suggests, please feel free to let me know. I've got several pages of sites, but I'd like to make it convenient for people who care and are interested. And of course ALL comments, questions and/or feedback (positive or negative) is APPRECIATED. That always means more than they money if it's exchanged for it. All my ideas of creativity are fearlessly explored. So too should be anyone's comments. ---------------------------- 1. Opening Composition 2. 21...Ways To Flow 3. The Grand Scheme 4. My Lady 5. Overdue feat. Mike Petrow 6. The Vibe 7. Mash 8. Who Am I Dissing? 9. Downtime 10. Undisputed Best feat. Da Brakes 11. Inside 12. Penwomanship 13. The Beat of Life 14. Step Game 15. How Love Should Be 16. Intrepid Mind Traveler 17. Sleepwalker 18. Not A Hollywood Story 19. 5 Minutes of Somethin' 20. Miles of Road All lyrics written by Michael Fuqua except for features All songs recorded, mixed and edited in Washington, PA by Michael Fuqua except for features from respective locations All samples, instruments, beats from licensed and copyright protected artists are used to pay homage and for promotional & entertainment use only without profit. ARTIST - ' SONG TITLE ' [ALBUM TITLE (YEAR RELEASED)] Opening Composition Produced by Quality (John Bartholomew) Additional scratches and blend mix by Mike FuQ 21...Ways To Flow Produced by Quality (John Bartholomew) Vocal samples mixed by Michael Fuqua ; featuring Shanice - 'Ways To Grow Interlude' [21...Ways To Grow (1994)] , Jean Grae - 'Lovesong' [Attacking of Attacking Things (2002) , FuQ - 'Beginning' [beginning Towards Beyond (2007)] , Nas - 'Reason' [streets Disciple (2004)] , DMX - 'Ain't No Way' [Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood (1998)] , A Tribe Called Quest - 'If The Papes Comes' [People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (1990)] , Another Bad Creation - 'Spiderman' [Coolin' At The Playground Ya Know(1991)] , DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - 'A Dog Is A Dog' [Homebase (1991)] , Toni Braxton - 'Let It Flow' [secrets (1996)] The Grand Scheme Beat used Schoolly D - 'PSK What That Does That Mean?' [scholly D (1986)] My Lady Beat used J Dilla - 'Earl' [Vol. 2: Vintage (2003)] Overdue feat. Mike Petrow Produced by Mike Petrow The Vibe Beat used S.F.C. - 'The Vibe' [illumination (1994)] Mash Produced by J Dilla [Jay Dee Donuts (2006)] Contains vocal samples from Prince - 'Batdance' [batman Soundtrack (1989)] and movie excerpts from Batman (1989) Who Am I Dissing? Produced by SouldierBeatz Contains movie excerpts from Batman Forever (1995) Downtime Produced by Jaspreet Contains vocal sample from Rihanna - 'Man Down' [Loud (2010)] Undisputed Best feat. Da Brakes Produced by DJ VipaGTS Vocal editing and mixing by Da Brakes Inside Beat used Chico & Coolwadda - 'Godzilla Like' [Wild N Da West (2001)] Penwomanship Beat used Amy Winehouse - 'October Song' [Frank (2003)] Jazz Guitar & additional hand clap piano keys by Mike FuQ The Beat of Life Produced by U'blique fka Quality (John Bartholomew) Step Game Produced by Jaspreet How Love Should Be Beat & background vocals used Jem - 'Amazing Life' ]Six Feet Under Vol 2: Everything Ends (2005)] Pearl Drop piano keys by Mike FuQ Intrepid Mind Traveler Beat used from Highspots 'Excellent Adventures' with Brian Kendrick & Paul London DVD Menu (2010) Sleepwalker Beat & Vocals used Golden Palominoes - 'Sleepwalk' [This Is How It Feels (1993)] Not A Hollywood Story Produced by SouldierBeatz Additional scratches and blend mix by Mike FuQ Additional beat & vocal samples used Martin Lawrence - RunTelDat (2002), B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J, & Method Man - 'Hit 'Em High (The Monstars Anthem)' [space Jam Soundtrack (1996)] , Luniz - 'I Got 5 On It' [Operation Stackola (1995)], Jay-Z - 'Dead Presidents [Reasonable Doubt (1996)] , A Tribe Called Quest - 'Check The Rhime' [The Low End Theory (1991)] 5 Minutes of Somethin' Beat used Queen Latifah - '4 The DJs' [black Reign (1993)] Vocal excerpts from Straight Edge: The Best of CM Punk Volume 2 (Ring of Honor Wrestling) [vs Steve Corino 'Empire State Showdown (10/25/03) , Nirvana: MTV Unplugged in New York (1993, 2007) Miles of Road Beat used The Verve - 'Bittersweet Symphony' [urban Hymns (1997)] Contains vocal excerpts from Michael Jordan: To The Max (2000), [WWE] Shawn Michaels: My Journey (2009), [WWE] Shawn Michaels: From The Vault (2003), Chris Jericho via [WWE] Eddie Guerrero: Viva La Raza (2008), Nirvana: MTV Unplugged in New York (1993,2007) ------------------
  4. Perfect to put on the radio just when somebody needs it. You rarely get tracks like this on radio anymore. I'm telling you you got a hit that could do that.
  5. Well, he could do that without the Jamacian deal. Another question to pose, will he do an accent? I hope your right. That makes more sense.
  6. Hmm. I would've thought it was a mixtape of Snoop Dogg vocals to reggae style beats. Somebody should do that anyway to promote this new venture. Maybe he's doing it just to have exclusive access to the glorious ganja that exists in Jamaica? I can't get used to saying Snoop Liony Lion.
  7. OK thanks guys. That really narrows it down. I had more than I knew what to do with.
  8. OK, I'm "shopping" new deals for myself. I wanted to make my music available for download so people don't have to join the site to do so. Figured soundcloud would be best, for now. But what about albums? I know upload sites are more cautious and tight nowadays, but I'm wondering where I could upload full albums for people to get as far as being organized goes; be it track by track or unzipping, etc. It would be nice to upload past albums where I used beats like nobody's business. If that options not available, that's ok. Granted the internet makes things a lot easier to share stuff and meet people, perhaps I'm an old school artist at heart and can't help but doing the daily grind in a tangilble way with people. (i just don't do it as often as I'd like to.) I'm pretty much beyond trying to "make it". But I'd still like to do certain things within the time & energy I have available to do so. And maybe in some crazy way, the "making it" part ends up happening. (but ultimately if I want it to) I'd got a whole list of sites that would be options to promote music or upload anything of the sort. I probably have some of them already, but what's the best ones that would be the least hassle? (for promotional music use or legit 100% original material)
  9. I haven't heard any of there songs beyond "Everyday People" and "Tennessee". But I got the album just because they have that type of resume I can respect. Thanks for sharing AJ. I've needed some new hip hop.
  10. You had me in 5 seconds. If I ever was channel flipping near BET and saw you, I think I'd stop instantly. Honestly, I think BET should take a chance on you for diversity. And I don't necessarily mean white race diversity. I mean thought process against "the norm" that I bet they are looking for anyway. Who is gonna be the next group of patsies to do what they, BET wants? Then again, they may not be that bad or that type of company. I'd imagine there will be more to the screening process. I applaud the fact your even making an effort at it. Who knows what the result will be.
  11. Hmm, makes sense. Always wondered how those worked. Thanks.
  12. I liked it. Really cool use of the greens creen. How'd you acquire something like that, because I'm curious how those work in the non Hollywood world?
  13. However, Pusha T is not at Nas status. Maybe in just the VA, but not beyond that. (i don't think)I don't know how long or legit it is, but Lil Wayne and his camp (Minaj, Drake, etc.) are what 50 Cent & G-Unit were, then Ja Rule, Ashanit, Inc, etc., Jay-Z and The ROC were in early 2000s. They are quote "the Main Event" of the hip hop scene. They WILL NOT stay there. The Entertainment industry is always desiring fresh faces. Ever artist who possess true talent and is not higher up in the hierachy of hip hop should be in some way "beefing" with Lil Wayne. You want him out, get him out. If not by dissing him, elevating themselves. You say why Lil Wayne is so bad, people will proceed to see why. If you state how good you are, people will wonder why. It's the same idea when people complained about how explicit the likes of NWA, Eminem, 2pac, Prince, Luke, and various Metal rock acts were. People went to see why it was "bad", as opposed to finding what was "good".
  14. Right, it really is a grind, and not everyone can have instant success. I kind of think of it like this, would you rather have an make music until the end of time (their time) or have them make timeless music, timeless classics. And "making it" is all up to the person, but I know what you mean when you say that Turn. There's a lot of things to do with that whole process.
  15. Why do artists have to put out hundreds and hundreds of songs to get a buzz? Why not just put together a quality album and promote that? You said Kel put his heart & soul into his music and stopped putting out? Well why not just continue to promote the songs you did instead of keep making new stuff. That defeats the purpose of the songs being made in the first place. Not enough output? What are the fans for? SilverTiger was his output. Tim Price was his output. Those kids who he spoke to in schools were his output. Even if Kel never does another thing musically again, he should be (and most likely is) satisfied and fulfilled with all he's done. He's stayed active and has done positive things with his life and in turn made an impact in peoples lives. He helped Will Smith write lyrics. Will Smith. Some people take off with the connections they get, and some don't. Everyone has different levels of success. His resume is impressive. Nowadays, nobody is just music. They are always doing something else.
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