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  1. it looks like he has begun to take drugs like cocaine cuz he must be high to say dis bout will. the little idiot full of muscle hormones is more pathetic than ever. the only hit he has is thanks to omarion
  2. i think it is pretty good but it i don't think it's his best
  3. i just got code red rock the house and he's th dj i'm the rapper. i ordered it of amazon germany to a friend i have there. it was like eighty euros but it was worth it. :pony: :wiggle: :yeah:
  4. i saw that julie said that there was a bonus track on B2R. does anybody have it?
  5. i don't thimk it will happen but hey what did we all think bout the ama?
  6. he was a cool dude too bad he's gone... i saw them all
  7. welcome but pls for your sake don't spam
  8. he may be but he is one of the best entertainers. let me entertain you.... :rockon:
  9. how come they didn't release it all everywhere? don't they that we good enough for them? in germany where i bought mine it only has comin to da stage
  10. and probably nobody will manage to reach his status
  11. how happy to see that positive ppl with talent win awards instead of idotic gangsta morons like fiddy
  12. thanks to you tim for such a great community and to everybody for makin it one
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