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  1. more sites (added by bea321): http://www.freewebs.com/clickforcharity
  2. 1. You must click on the "POSADŹ ŻONKILA" button (second from the left side) 2. Then one more time you choose "POSADŹ ŻONKILA" button. 3. Then you pick up the flower (doesn't matter which one) & you must fill descriptive field "* Twoje imię", this field is for your name. There is also "wybierz region" which contains many options when you open out it. You choose one region of our country (doesn't matter which one). 4. At the end you must click the "wyślij" field to accept it. First time could be quite hard to do it, but later you'll take it easy.
  3. I copyed & pasted websites from this link (for me it's a main link), cause probably no one of you know polish. As you can see your link is mentioned there, cause I told the owner of this site about it. Try to visit this link from time to time (or use it as a main like me) because new links are added. http://klikaj.pomagaj.info
  4. I'll answer at your question by pajacyk.pl site. Sponsors (diferents firms, organizations etc.) will give money (one click * numbers of sponsors = one meal for a child). Then canteens in school can buy a food to make a meal. I saw it in TV (btw most about them I heard in media). As I said earlier, my good known priest Jesuit told me that he checked those sites & it's real helping. I can understand why you don't want to help a monkey..... but....... a human in need, by this simple way of clicking one time a day. I don't know what would convince you ppl. It seems so cold...............
  5. I think it will help. Polish sites: http://www.polskieserce.pl/ <--This one is about making an artificial heart, which will replace a sick one. http://www.pajacyk.pl/ <-- By this one you can feed a child. http://www.zmilosciserc.pl/donate.php <--By this one you're helping a sick girl Agnieszka (a cancer troubles). http://www.habitat.pl/ (first click on the banner "Podaruj dom", then click on the "buduj dom") <-- You're helping to build a house for a family in need. http://www.okruszek.org.pl/ (click on the bread) <-- By this one you're chelping to feed a homeless ppl. Like those? -Fight with hunger: -Fight with diseas: -Fight with poverty: -Help children: -Another sites: (like plant a tree & many more) If you don't want to click on all of them, then click on some of them. You choose.... but please, just try to help.
  6. can an administrator pinned this topic?
  7. What can I say? I'm happy that someone answered. Respect. I don't know if y'all understand, how easy you can help other ppl by this simple way. Probably some of you don't fell this idea or don't want to do anything cause of time or something (2-3 minutes by day?). I'll qoute one of Will's song: "& why the f*@k can't love seem to defeat hate". Please, tell about this idea other ppl, your friends. Try to use emails, Skype, other forums etc.
  8. btw 2 days ago a priest told me that he checked this, and it's real! no fake!
  9. hello everybody, I weren't here for a while. Maybe some of you heard something about charity sites. I thought that would be a good idea to help someone by this way. Remeber, there are a 2-3 minutes for you (a lot of sites=alot of goods), but for a few ppl means another day. I believe you guys. I visit those sites everyday. Send this topic to your friends. PEACE Polish sites: http://www.polskieserce.pl/ (click on the heart) http://www.pajacyk.pl/ (click on the stomach of the toy) http://www.zmilosciserc.pl/donate.php (click on the heart) http://www.habitat.pl/ (first click on the banner "Podaruj dom", then click on the "buduj dom") http://www.okruszek.org.pl/ (click on the bread) Fight with hunger: http://www.hungerfighters.com/ http://www.thehungersite.com http://www.porloschicos.com http://www.hambruna.com/ http://www.stopthehunger.com/ http://www.hungrychildren.com/ Fight with diseas: http://www.thebreastcancersite.com/ http://breastcancer.care2.com/ http://www.thestophivsite.com/ http://www.matercare.org/lifesaver.asp (click on the anchor-top-left corner of the site) http://www.craigresearchlabs.com/cancer.html Fight with poverty: http://www.theliteracysite.com/ http://www.povertyfighters.com/ http://www.solvepoverty.com/ http://www.dameunacasa.com/index2.html http://www.straatkind.nl/ (click on the red button, then copy the letters and click on the “Doneren”) Help children: http://www.thechildhealthsite.com http://children.care2.com/ http://www.giveaminute.org/ (click on the banner “Tarahumara”) http://savechildrennow.org/ Proptect the environment: http://www.theenvironmentsite.org/donate.php http://www.ettklickforskogen.se/engelska/ettKlickeng.asp http://oceans.care2.com/ http://rainforest.care2.com/ http://www.ecologyfund.com/ (click on the red buttons, then click on the two orange-brown buttons) http://www.redjellyfish.com/ (click “Click to Save”, then click on the two blue buttons) http://www.landcareniagara.com/ http://www.therainforestsite.com http://www.tree4life.com/ingles/ingles.htm http://cannecy.free.fr/solar/index.php http://cannecy.free.fr/iforest/en/ http://www.diewaldseite.de/ Help the animals: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com http://babyseals.care2.com/ http://bigcats.care2.com/ http://primates.care2.com/ http://pets.care2.com/ http://www.bigcatrescue.org/icare.htm Another sites: http://www.cliquesemiarido.org.br/ (click on the drop of water) http://stopviolence.care2.com/ http://www.thebiblesite.org/
  10. I already have it. So don't bother yourself ppl.
  11. Interesting collaboration: Afu-Ra feat. Gentleman - Why Cry
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