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  1. Hi guys, merry Christmas!! Glad to see everyone is still around! Yeah i heard willow's song i think it's pretty cool! Anyone know if Jeff is planning on doing any dates in the uk in the next few months? I'd be well up for going to one! Any ideas when mib3 is set for launch, I'm a bit skeptical about it to be honest, what does everyone else think? Also, FP's new track? Sounds promising... :)
  2. Evening All - How's it going over here? Been away for a few years been totally hectic with university (2008) then totally hectic with work (2008 - now!) Just thought I'd pop in because I was rocking Homebase in the car tonight and it reminded me of this place I used to spend so much time! Hope everyone's well - would love to know the latest on what everyone's up to now and what Will and Jeff have been up to in a brief summary!!! Jonny
  3. :muahaha: :muahaha: :muahaha: I'm rollin over here :rofl: I can't say I was ever 'expecting' anything good... I mean I thought there was a chance that something good might happen. Cos I mean this is the story... there's a young guy who's 'Uncle' is FP, and I don't know if Kyle shares any genes with Will or whatever but we know he's been around will (and jeff) for many years now... there was always a chance that kyle would have 'taken a leaf' out of jjfp's book and done something creative/different and had a stronger influence from will... it just seems a shame that he hasnt been influenced as much as he could have, but it is clear he has been and still is influenced by will with all the talk of reading and working out to keep you mind straight... it's not all bad
  4. he needs to stop talking about 'the ladies' and 'my sexy ladies' that's just annoying... it's like up until now he's never had any 'ladies' and now he's suddenly got loads... it's almost like that's all he cares about... i suppose this guy is far from perfect but he could be a lot worse... maybe we were just expecting too much??? I don't mind the song actually, it's all right but it's not due to ksmiths inclusion, i like omarion and the beat and the tune that's all
  5. I remember loving the track when you first posted it a few years ago tim... good to finally see the video
  6. h a p p y b i r t h d a y S o f i a ..... haha
  7. h a p p y b i r t h d a y J a m e s !
  8. let's be real though... these guys are trying to make all of this money, Will isn't... he doesn't have deals with clothing companies, own/run a massive record label for the money... if his objective was to make as much money as possible, hw would be making double any of the people on those lists
  9. and in other news... WE'VE LANDED ON THE MOON!!!
  10. So this vid is going on tv Brakes!? sounds good mate!!!
  11. lol, this is gonna be ermmmm 'interesting'... it never occured to me how similar this is in some ways to the fresh prince of bel air story lol
  12. h a p p y b i r t h d a y C o z m o !
  13. I don't mind it... at least it's not fake
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