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  1. I dig it. I think he'll inspire a lot of people to take their health more seriously...at least for the time being. I know I could use that motivation right now.
  2. Been awhile since I listened to this album. DAS EFX - Shine Generation Efx (1998)
  3. The groove on this is undeniable. AUBREY LOGAN - Louboutins 2.0 Standard (2021)
  4. DMX - Born Loser Born Loser CD Single (1993) I heard this years ago. I always wanted it, but didn't want to pay the high price for an old, rare release. When he passed, I went ahead an got it, knowing its value would spike. I'm glad I did.
  5. I just gave Life Story a serious listen. I honestly only listened to it once years ago and put it on the shelf. I'm not comparing it to classics, but when it comes to mainstream rap albums, it is a good listen.
  6. This one has hit me hard. It was the late 80's when I was at my cousins house and heard "The Humpty Dance" for the first time on WPGC. That bass line, Humpty's outrageous lyrics, the energy....Digital Underground is one of a kind. People want to give Dr. Dre props for incorporating p-funk into Hip-Hop. No. Shock G did it first and he did it best. I haven't felt loss like this (unless I personally knew the artist we lost) since Heavy D. Shock G/DU were always in my top 10. Shock G was a creative genius. His imagination was wild. He made the DU album inserts a comical and artistic adve
  7. I knew he had an album completed, but Snoop just mentioned that it was recorded at his studio. https://thesource.com/2021/04/24/snoop-dogg-reveals-dmx-recorded-his-last-album-at-his-studio/
  8. I didn't really give his music a fair shot. "Whoa" was undeniably dope, but I didn't mess with Bad Boy rappers for the most part, other than Craig Mack. Black Rob seemed like the best emcee they had after Craig left (my opinion...I was never really into Biggie). I'm going to give his stuff a listen. I recently checked, and I have his Life Story album. I bought it at some point and don't know if I ever listened to it. It's strange, because when DMX passed, it prompted me to get Mic Geronimo's "Nothin' Move By The Money" CD single, which has a remix that features both DMX and Black Rob.
  9. Man, I haven't put this album on in years. We celebrate their single "My Body", but LSG was so much more. This second album from them needs celebrated more. LSG - Just Friends LSG2 (2003) brate
  10. Wow, I was literally thinking about you yesterday, wondering how you've been and what you've been up to. I'm so, so sorry to hear about your sister. Let me know if we can catch up soon!
  11. https://allhiphop.com/news/breaking-former-bad-boy-rapper-black-rob-dead/ BREAKING: Former Bad Boy Rapper Black Rob Dead By : Mike Winslow / April 17, 2021 Black Rob died after suffering from a variety of health issues. Just weeks after the passing of rapper DMX’s death, another rap legend has transitioned. Former Bad Boy rapper Black Rob has died from kidney failure, after suffering a variety of ailments. Most recently, the rapper had revealed he had suffered from four strokes brought on by high blood pressure. “Lord knows i tried to get hel
  12. I just had a few minutes and was poking around the board. Recent pages are mostly filled with posts and comments by the same very few people, which is a underwhelming, but I was randomly searching certain topics and browsing various posts, mostly from the 2000's. Those posts felt like a safety blanket....and unaged part of the internet that just feels good. I made me miss seeing a lot of former posters. As I clicked on Online Users, I found it interesting that there were 16 other users on the board. One supposedly logging in, one registering, one looking at a user profile that hasn't
  13. Busta recently put out this video. Why does Mariah look so good?
  14. ALICIA KEYS - Juiciest (Mixtape Version) Mixtape/Songs In A Minor (Expanded Edition) 2001
  15. Getting a voter ID isn't hard at all. Back when I was a senior in high school, I signed up. That was so long ago that I don't even remember the process, but it was basically just a simple form. You can signup at other places like the department of motor vehicles. They send you a card in the mail every few years. Having voted by mail for the first time this past election, something that was harder to do in previous elections, I didn't need my voter ID this time. In fact, I haven't made the effort to vote that often, so often times I just stick the card in an folder, never using it for anything
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