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  1. i have never seen an episode of it. too bad it never ran here
  2. if we would have beaten armenia we would have quallified before the czech republic.
  3. roamnia missed the cup again damn idiot players
  4. imma promote you here as good as i can
  5. imma try some attacks oh i just died imma try some attacks oh i just died
  6. so that is why it was offline yesterday
  7. i wouldn't pay that much for a t-shirt. besides that on looks kinda gay no offense to jjfp tho
  8. pathetic. i never even heard bout bow wow until this hit with omarion. besides what made that track a hit is omarion
  9. it is simply great. if he did that in a battle i don't think that his opponent would be able to say somethin against him. too bad it never was performed in a battle
  10. i can't wait to hear it if such a track exists
  11. starwars is a great serie. too bad it won't happen no more
  12. it would be interesting to see him in that role
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