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    I'm a music and clubpromoter overhere in sweden. Done shows/festivals/ Concerts with:<br><br>- Masta Ace (US)<br>- Immortal technique (US)<br>- Saian Supa Crew (FR)<br>- LoopTroop (SWE) and many more.<br><br>I also work as an advisor for Swedens Largest Independent hiphoplabel called JUJU-Records. Studying marketing at this time.

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  1. American Gangster is def better. Kingdome Come was good but not what you expected. If someone else than Jay would've done it would have gotten better reviews. Fallin' is an incredible track. No Hook and I Know are also wonderful.
  2. It' pretty obvious it's because of the holidays are over and people just don't buy as much albums at this period. And a 71% drop is still pretty good comparing it with Jay droppng 79% after his first week and now Bow Wow dropping 78%. I actually think Nas will do plat in a couple of months. Let there be light and Black Republicans should be released as singles. I think JT will do triple plat. Maybe even more. He's got alot of smash hits in that album. Jay will probably do 2x plat. He's releasing Kingdom Come as a third single and then probably Hollywood or Anything as fourth singles. That should push it to double plat. Robin Thicke is doing really good. Staying consistent and didn't do a big drop compared to the other artists.
  3. Link: http://www.zshare.net/audio/50ciphass6-mp3.html He talks about Oprah again. And then goes into rags to riches stories and says why Oprah hasn't brought up 50 cent or Ice Cube. Then he thinks a bit and says "well she brought Will to the show. But he's been away from hiphop so long that he was in another lane. But he's still a rapper."
  4. Man... and soon we got the oscar nominations coming up. Golde Globe Awards and more... How much is it gonna end up with? 130-170mill?
  5. I don't like PCD. There's alot better in that dance/pop/RnB genre then PCD.
  6. word to alot of it. and r.i.p James. But damn....is he losing his mind about that christ ****?
  7. Actually... I like Partystarter but looking at it now it would've been a better choice to relase Tell Me Why after Switch and then It you can't dance which featured Nicole from PCD who was just getting big. And then as a fourth single i would've either released partystarter or Pump ya breakz feat Snoop.... It really had it in it to go plat! But comparing it with todays albums it still did very good of basically one single. It had very strong legs, did 80k first week but still sold better than alot of albums coming out now selling 300k first week and then falling off.
  8. - On my way to take my drivers license. - Saw Jay-Z in Paris. - Started a blog about football(soccer) which now is the third biggest soccer-blog in sweden. - Saw The Roots - Saw John Legend - My sister almost got killed in a car accident - Celebrated my two year anniversary with my girl.
  9. I'm happy for Nas! Hopefully he'll do plat, but I doubt it. Akon gonna do atleast 2xplat, maybe 3x... Jay-Z goes up this week, but needs to drop Hollywood or Anything to go 2xplat.. Robin Thicke was a sleeper, but is waking up by now.. Jeezy gonna outsell game. Who the hell is still buyin those PCD albums?
  10. Yup! 100 mill is in it's reach! When are the oscar nominations announced?
  11. Lerkot: I can't even imagine how grumpy and bitter you're going to be when you're older.
  12. I'm with Hero1 on this one. Blunt Ashes, Let there be light and Can't forget about you are all wonderful. Alot of really great songs.
  13. I'mma come back with a longer list: Best Albums: Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liqour Nas - Hiphop Is Dead Ghostface - Fishscale Jay-Z - Kingdome Come Best songs: Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin, American Terrorists, He Say & She Say, Kick Push II, The Emperors Soundtrack. Nas - Money over bull****, Blunt Ashes, Let there be light, Black Republicans, Can't Forget About You Jay-Z - The Prelude, Lost One, Minority Report, Beach Chair The Game - Why you hate the game, One Night, Ol' English I'll be back with more Ghostface, more songs from other albums and so.
  14. I can't lie... i've cried once and that was when Wills father came back and then left him again in FPOBA.
  15. wow, Janet did 400k? What happened after that?
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