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  1. Hey y'all.......has everyone seen the live performace of Will with Mary J Blige. If u haven't check it out.........its wicked http://youtube.com/watch?v=bvkHNVzm6zw&search=will%20smith
  2. Hi, I was watching the D12 - Fight music video and at the start I thought I saw Will Smith, when Ice-T is standing on top of the car talking to the crowd. Has anyone else noticed this
  3. Hi, I also noticed that in the UK the concert is showing on 28/05/05 (next Saturday) at 9.00pm and then on 30/05/05 (Monday) at 9.00 pm also, this may be a more convenient time than the one I posted earlier thanks
  4. The South Africa concert is showing this thurday at 2.00 am if anyone wants to record it. Here is the link to the schedule http://www.mtve.com/article.php?ArticleId=...05-26&week=Next thanks
  5. I noticed that it says that Born to Reign wet gold, which must mean that it sold at leat 500000 copies, the figures on JJFP website say it only sold about 226000
  6. Hi, if you go to www.riaa.com/gp/database/default.asp and type in "Will Smith" or "Fresh Prince" in the artist name box it will give yo all Wills official gold and platinum certifications for both albums and singles
  7. Not sure if you go to http://www.thebiographychannel.co.uk/new_s...8&showgroup=970 there is info about the program and its time and also a clip
  8. Hi, apparently (according to the Biography channel) there is a new Will Smith biograpy on 29/06/05 at 7.00pm on the Biography channel charting his success from the early days to now. Note:- these are UK times from the biography chanell's uk website. Check their main website for other countries.
  9. I think that I,Robot has a good chance of winning because it was such a good film and also won critical acclaim.
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