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  1. i think : gisele bundchen eva longoria eva mendes amerie :azzangel:
  2. BB2 am i right? "oh no its the nigg..z"
  3. thnx for your hhelp. i hope i find them in romania
  4. i no y'all prob seen it but you can download it for your collection. sorry if it was posted before http://rapidshare.de/files/3832461/Jazzy_J...Africa.wmv.html
  5. can you put the "yousendit" back up pls
  6. maby y'all can help me get a girll i really like. i think she likes me too but she says that it is just as a friend. i do not think so becuz she started messaging all of a sudden and we send like 20 messages a night. about movies and all that stuff. that is why i think she likes me. pls gimme some advice. P.S:girl advices are really aprciated
  7. i wonder because fifty dissed him in piggybank so i was wondering. but do not think i like cent i hate that stupid parrot :hmm:
  8. definately and we won't. i haven't heard the chosen one yet. i wondered why he did something like this?
  9. todamnfresh only ha 12 posts and he is a potna. how did he do that?
  10. i think that those bonus tracks should have been put as normal tracks and they should be found on all cds because they are so full of energy and they would make L&F sell even more. do y'all agree?
  11. the board is a place ffull of lorettas. i try do help a bit but with that amount of spammers it is hard to do something. the only true fans are big_willie brandonlutts2000 and the prince, aj and a couple more whose names i do not remember. put the ratio spammers to fans is like 1000 to 1
  12. juli hast du deine signature alleine gemacht weil es so a la homer simpson klingt
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