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  1. Just wondering, but between you two who won the last battle?
  2. Supposedly Bullock was up for the part. I think the movie would be better off finding a nobody to play the part. The only woman that remotely looks the part is that China woman from the WWF, but she seems a bit too manly.
  3. It's their opinion and they're entitled to it, but I see nothing wrong with either the lyrics or the video. Will didn't bump and grind upon the women, nor did he refer to them in a derogetory fashion. What kind of fan just drops their idol just because of (in her eyes) one misstep?
  4. I think I said something about it going double Uranium, but seriously it'll go multi-platinum easy.
  5. Not new, but I don't think I've told anyone my name before. It's Von, it rhymes with on.
  6. Will Smith, shown here, did not heed his mother's words when she said, "One of these days it'll stay that way..."
  7. Summertime - 10/10 Parents...understand - 8/10 MIB - 7/10 Black Suits - 3/10 Block Party 8/10 Here he comes - 8/10 Partystarter - 8/10 Switch - 7/10 Mr Niceguy - 9/10 Ms Holy Roller - 9/10 Lost and found - 9/10 Tell Me Why - 10/10 I Wish I Made That - 9/10 Swagga - 8/10 Pump Ya breaks - 7/10 If you can't dance - 8/10 Could u love me - 8/10 Loretta - 9/10 Wave em off - 8/10 Scary story - 9/10 Switch RNB remix - 7/10 Switch reggae remix - 5/10 Overall - 8. The switch reggae remix dragged down my scores, it just rubbed me the wrong way.
  8. Here He Comes (In the tune of Here Comes the Spider-man) "Here he comes he can rock, he can break dance and he can pop, he can rap, he can act, and if it come down to it he can scrap. Hey there, here come Big Will again...Everytime he touched the mic he closed his eyes and he hope to shine then like a streak of light intro his name they be like ahhh..." If You Can't Dance "...my spidey senses tingling I felt somebody lookin'"
  9. Shug, it was messed when he said that even if he knew, he wouldn't say who killed 2pac. I wouldn't worry about how people view hiphop. Rock wasn't all too welcome when it started in '55, and still isn't as well received as pop; rap is similar to rock in that respect.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's "Get That" as in 'get that dirt off your shoulder'.
  11. Tell Me Why was extremely good too.
  12. I like Jay Z, but if memory serves he left the game just because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to crank out hits anymore. Hiphop's not about the money, Jay lost sight.
  13. Are-Oh-Tee-Pee it's the Return of the Prince All other emcees stick with the lather and rinse then repeat! whatever it is that they're sayin but one look at the mic it's saliva they're sprayin Ef-Pee steps out the box, pen in hand a rhymin visionary Some call him soft but Au contraire-y 20 years in the game and still on top lotsa haters caught flash in the pan, gone with a pop '85 til today with a album due to drop Like an energizer bunny keeps on goin non-stop.
  14. The episode where Will fakes a marriage to Kim Fields Will says something along the lines of "Jazz, you and I are invincible!" Jazz replys "We're good my brotha, but people can still see us." Carlton: "I'm black?!" My favorite was in the episode where Jazz gets divorced, Will attempts to console him and Jazz says something along the lines of "Thanks for trying to comfort me, but I'm ... uncomfortable."
  15. Block Party. "10:00 now Jeff is tryin' to hype me Would the Fresh Prince come up to the mic please" That line pushed it over the top for me.
  16. :touche: Happy Birthday man. :touche:
  17. This is second hand info, but I'm told that the dj is setting up for when he crossfades to that disk.
  18. This albums not going platinum - it's going double uranium son! Double Uranium! :rock: Any doubts in my mind have been lifted. The freestyle he spat was hot. Snippets of Pump Ya Brakes and Partystarter were nice, I was feeling it. It was werid though, the words he replaced in Girls ain't Nothin but Trouble: "she asked me if I liked her" to "she asked me if I was horny", "pushed her away" to "I punched her in the chin".
  19. The whole "Will Smith don't havta cuss to sell records. Well I do. So **** him and **** you too." seemed like a compliment wrapped in an insult. We'll just have to hear Mr. Nice Guy to see if this spat turns into a bonified beef. However I don't believe Will would reduce himself to sheer name-calling and dissing. I'm expecting sort of a comment to Marshall minus jabs at him or his style. I don't know where I'm going with this. Good night.
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