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  1. I heard that Deavon George is holding up the deal that's trying to get Kidd into Dallas.
  2. VIsqo, maybe PM bigted, Silver Tiger, 3cookies, Big Willie, or Hero1. It's probably better than posting and putting the thread back to the top.
  3. It looks epic. I'm glad the most of the whole crew got back together for this. That crack of the whip gave me a small shiver. Can't wait for it.
  4. A man killed five people and injured 16 more before killing himself. More and more there are shootings at school, a place where worrying about a midterm or a paper due should be the top most thing to worry about. It's sad what's happening nowadays. It's sad and it's aggravating. I hope that someday people can not resort to violence to solve their problems. My prayers and thoughts go out to the families and the students.
  5. I listen to artists in spurts. Sometimes I'm in a JJFP kick, sometimes it's Chicago, Weezer or whatever.
  6. Oh, well. I got what you were saying anyway Brakes. Nice find.
  7. Looks like it. However, maybe this will be the chance Shaq needs to show people he's still got it. I remember the last year Shaq and Kobe were teammates Shaq seemed like he was dragging his feet pretty much the whole season. Oh yeah, the Jazz just escaped with a road win against the Nuggets. Ten straight baby!
  8. Maybe the Pats' camera ran out of batteries. Kidding, kidding. Still, it feels good that the underdogs won.
  9. Okay. The Lakers just became scary. With Brown and Crittenton they were average that played above their game, but with Gasol they'll be a legitimate threat.
  10. Good Lord. That's a good way to lose a limb. If you're lucky.
  11. I'm not a rap prodigy, just rap like how I want to be I'm rhyming and not stealing and that is how it ought to be This monster that's inside of me is crying for the world to see Got the will to get ill and I do it very naughtily
  12. The scene where Samantha took on three or four zombie dogs.
  13. Holy crap. He was only 28. He still had the rest of his life ahead of him. R.I.P. Heath.
  14. That was it? He just gave those vultures a little cold shoulder.
  15. Man. Strokes are a scary thing. Hope he recovers soon.
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