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  1. We got a full tracklisting. Thanks Tim. February can't end fast enough. Thank goodness it's not a leap year!
  2. Looks like they're still hung up on Gettin' Jiggy Wit It.
  3. Well put mimi. Anyway, I don't recall wether or not he said he wanted to stop being refered to as the Fresh Prince, but I do remember something about the Men in Black soundtrack cover being the copy of the poster, meaning his name was on the cover instead of Fresh Prince. Supposedly he let that slide and continued the trend of using his name in his albums. However I didn't pick up the soundtrack (I've never bought a soundtrack) so this is all from memory.
  4. FrshPrnceCharmng: "People say we look like twins man!" Will: "Hold on." Will contorts his face. "Now we look like twins Charmng."
  5. I concede. Though I swear I remember him saying Mad-something.
  6. I never said he didn't cuss in real life, I was just explaining why he cussed so openly in a medium that would reach the public.
  7. Is it just me or did Will just flip his view on Eminem. Wasn't it just a few years ago that Will said something along the lines of Em being talentless and would be forgotten in a few years? And now Will says he's got 'mad respect' for him and his 'mad skills'.
  8. Too true Brakes. Isn't that what's been going on for a while, like when Switch was released? Wasn't there a spike in registered users? Anyway I think they should be able to see all the threads without registering, but disalow the guest positng.
  9. That's true. However I have to say the reason he cusses in movies is because he plays a character. In only a few of his movies does he cuss, but I'll admit he did cuss a great deal in Bad Boys II.
  10. It's sad to see Karl go. I'm a huge Jazz fan and Karl'll always be one of my favorites. I hope Reggie gets a ring this year. I agree with scyhigh99 that Carmelo is a joke. LeBron won't be the next Jordan, but I'm certain he'll be a great player. Just asking, but wasn't Carter labeled as the next Jordan?
  11. Not trying to be anal, but I think where you put "I'm only trying to bring the love to you and" it sounded more like"I ain't trying to be in love with you and"
  12. Thank you! It's like a dream come true. I almost didn't believe it.
  13. Happy Birthday Joe! Go party your butt off.
  14. An anagram doesn't have to be one word, it could be a phrase ie. "George Bush" = "He Bugs Gore". Could the first thing be : why act in why antic why can it why cant i why i cant why in act why in cat why it can win yacht yawn itch
  15. If you add up what MooseKnuckles subtracted(which I did w/ no reason to do so) it adds to -4. And if you multiply it with the three like so: -4(3) (which again I did w/ no reasoning), the product is -12. To sum up what I've said: I've got no idea.
  16. I don't know. I think I'd like 'I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson.'
  17. My watch got caught on the flux capacitor
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