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  1. How tall are Jeff and Will? I had the impression that Jeff was around five something and Will was 6'2" but a friend of mine says that Jeff's 6'0" and Will's 6'4". Does anyone know the accurate height?
  2. Just signed in at number 11. This really is a good idea. Even the who's person most adverse to video games would buy a console if a videogame piqued their interest. Hopefully the game will feature some songs. But isn't the game being made by Namco?
  3. I'd have to say Queen Latifah. I'm probably over thinking this, but since they're both Academy Award Nominees their acting would be on par or better than the plot of any movie they'd do. They've already had experiences with acting with one another too. Yeah, so I choose her.
  4. I'm the FrshPrnce, but I'm not Big Will You had your say so kick back 'cause I'm set to ill When my rhymes come at you, you know you feel a chill 'Cause by the time I'm finished you've got close to nil To a thing that could ever touch my rap You called yours a rap? It's closer akin to crap I could sleep a whole night for you to of think a rap But when it comes to me you'd only get a nap It's like your brain is covered in sap Or like I bone past you on the final lap And the only way I'd lose to you is if I'd lost both my arms If you had picked up some charm If you had threatened to do me bodily harm Knocked up my girl so she's a teenage mom But yo, I'd only wait for you to hear the alarm Cause you're dreamin'! You could never hold a candle to me You could never handle like me I'll use the mic to mop the floor with you and see how spick and span it'll be Consider this a tutorial, an advanced learning Before I came in here you earning Way more than you would deserve While I'm here holding on to curves Of the honeys I swerve Like last night's dinner consider yourself served Here comes the end of my rappin' initiation If no one else steps up, I understand your reservations Props to bigted. This was fun. Don't think I could do anymore though. I bragged enough of trash for the rest of my life.
  5. "All the filthy stinky ugly people be quiet!" "My body's like a punching bag and Mike is gonna Hit It" "So I just try to chchchchchill, but its gettin' worse and wowoworse and wowoworse still" "If I was in the Navy I would own the sea. But I'm a poet so I own the whole rap industry."
  6. Gun to my head... I'd have to choose "Boom! Shake the Room" Although I may be a little biased as that was the first song, that I can remeber, hearing from JJ+FP.
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