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  1. It's customary for the one asking for a battle to start out first.
  2. Acceptance to a University had me jumping out my seat From Highschool to College I didn't skip a beat Freshman year came here and went by too fast Thoughts of superiority also came to pass Juggling work with school work was just that much harder College is more than just partying with a hand full of lager Another June passed, another semester gone Wonderin if I passed, wonderin what I did wrong Senior year will come soon, and after that graduation It's not a ceremony I'm afraid of it's the rest of my life I'm facin Not worrying 'bout that now just enjoying the ride I'll just have to settle with "the tassle goes on which side?" Er...Lasagna.
  3. One person gives a topic for the next person eg. if I posted "Sesame Street" the person who replys would have to rap about Sesame Street. Afterwards they would choose the topic, any topic at all, for the next person. For the sake of simplicity I'll start with Sesame Street. Little Elmo is young, but a wild romantic rover The Count is a pimp "Five times she bent over!" Telly's crazier than Cookie Monster and Gover put together Hangs with that tall yellow dude 'cause they birds of a feather Snuffleupagus must be snuffy, his nose is always dripping Oscar must be grouchy he's hit with toenail clippings Rosita's the local bilinguilist on the street Oscar's worm tap dances but doesn't have any feet No telling what a cross street is or how far the street runs This is just a game, no battle, no sweat, step up to some fun I know that was weak, but this game popped out to me and I rushed a bit. Okay. Next up "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
  4. It takes all I've got not to reach for the gold elixer I finish one job, but three come just a little quicker Two friends fell and I'm left to pour a little liquor Thats bad, but by the end its gonna be hella thicker I can't get this life straight, every where I turn I find hate Sometimes I fear I'll be seeing those pearly gates Don't know about Atlas, I'm buckling under this weight It takes all I've got not to feel the ease of the slip knot Find my body in the air as it starts to rot Thining line between a shot of bourbon and a gun shot Thining line between driving home and a glove box It takes all I've got not to free myself like a friend who left on the Eve of Hallow One bullet and gone, but if she asked I might have followed It takes all I've got ... until I remember: There's always tomorrow It takes all I've got.
  5. I guess if no one else signs up then you're stuck with me.
  6. I'll enter. It's been a while since I've publicly humiliated myself. Become my parter at your own risk.
  7. I definitely like it. The colors have a calming effect, I think.
  8. "This is Such a Pity" Weezer, whose album drops tomorrow if anyone's a fan.
  9. Congrats Schnazz. I think that was the best finals I've witnessed.
  10. Surprise I responded? You were here last night looking at my post! Then you signed off scared cause you knew you were toast YOU took all night, but unlike you I have a life I went to school and then work now I'm back to kick in the knife Will you shut the f*ck up with your ROC I don't give a **** where the hell you're from I don't care who you f*ck with, who sticks it in your bum Then you came back on here as an anonymous member You must be talented you typed up your sh*t while sucking on members You posted and fled not able to stand the heat Pkey more likely signed off to suck off some guy's meat Um... The f*ck is um about? With your mouth full of jizz really think you should shout? In your post you talk about blowing me away The only thing you can blow only confirms that you're gay I guess I shouldn't blame you, you're just projecting your gayness You're like a rapping fa**ot that's just spouting sameness
  11. Definitely a difficult choice. I still haven't decided.
  12. Personally I thought WILL IS ILL had the best in the second round. Ironic that he became my opponent in the third. :werd:
  13. Pkey, your bite is more worthless than your roar you must like humble pie, cause you came back for more I'm back and I'm here to open your closet door You're a gay homophobe, no ifs buts or ors No typos kid you defend by projection means you imply that I'm gay, but you dream of erections Go 'head slander me here, cuss with major inflections But when you enter the world best look out for infections Put down the mic, you should pick up the phone Call Elton John, have him take your ass home I got more rhymes than there're genes in the human genome You just started then died, Infant Mortality Syndrome You came into here thinking you're game I'm not a weather man, but I bring down the rain You calling me out was your 10 seconds of fame You're a cookie-cut rapper, one for all and all the same
  14. This is it kid your destiny's been chosen This battle's your defeat thats about to be woven I came here set stone and I came here cocked back My rhymes are custom made, yours are off rack Will is ill? Your prescription is total defeat You can't run this marathon, go home and play skeet I reign around here, instilled in you is fear My rhymes are so frsh don't care if it's queer I can't be held to blame you stepped in here freely Will is Ill but after this you'll be more than just queasy You'll have an ulcer having to follow me Wouldn't wish it on you but that's how it is B Your will must be ill, it's about to be shattered You can have your turn, you can act like it matters Bring down the Prnce kid, lead the coup d'etat Nah, it won't happen chalk another for me, who'da thought Good luck sir.
  15. I didn't notice you put that until now.
  16. You must have flipped your lid kid I was being nice to you I'm busy with other battles, but I still got a breath for you You just signed a death warrant, just dug your own grave I don't just spit rhymes in a mic, it's magic stick that I wave The hell you talkin about 'we keepin it tight' Who the hells with you? I'll takem on and won't take all night You keep poppin your collar, keep dusting your shoulder By the time you get the dirt I kicked on you I'll be 10 years older Who cares if you're the 'King' just get me a Whopper I'll wave my mic in the air and drown you like Dennis Hopper Don't worry 'king' I'll bring it to you, I'll turn the knife slow You're getting served, but would you like humble pie or crow?
  17. Usually people who ask for battles have a verse already up to respond to. Just a suggestion.
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