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  1. Jazz fan eh???? Whats your opinion of Deron Williams? I love Deron. He's the best thing to happen to the Jazz in a long time. Some people think we should have gotten Paul, but I think Deron is more than fine.
  2. I only go to a few. Megatokyo, Applegeeks, and VGcats.
  3. I'm a Jazz fan. Can't say I'm too happy with how the season has gone so far. We traded a protected first round pick and Giricek for Korver from the 76ers. Although it seems like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. Here's hoping '08 will turn luck in our favor.
  4. "What are you complaining about lady? My ass has 'daily' written all over it!"
  5. Will: "No, she's fine. She just won't walk on carpet that ain't red."
  6. Hmm. I believe that the Wii will be region free so if you feel like it you could probably try to get a U.S. Wii. But then again you'd probably have to buy an adapter to plug it into a UK outlet.
  7. His name is Willard. I think it's Willard the third, but I'm not sure. Pretty sure it's Willard though.
  8. The Wii looks very promising. I can hardly wait to play Red Steal, not to mention the new Zelda game. Rumor has it that the release date has been bumped up from November to late September. I don' t know if that's just Japan or if it includes Europe and the U.S.
  9. Yeah. I'm looking forward to seeing that too. Too bad it's not released everywhere. It means I've got to drive father to see it.
  10. Harvest Moon. I've reserved a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 so I'm trying to finish up DragonQuest VIII before then.
  11. Karl Malone, arguably the best power forward to ever play the game of basketball, just recently had his jersey retired and a statue of him has been erected outside the Delta Center. Unfortunately the Jazz couldn't cap the night off with a win. It's funny. I remember the Bulls lost during Pippen's jersey retirement and the Jazz lost on Stockton's retirement ceremony. Has anyone seen a retirement ceremony where the hometeam won?
  12. Dragonball Z is like a gateway drug for anime geeks They start on that, soon it's other anime they seek But back to the story it's easy to find Dragonball Z's about the power of the body, but not of the mind They collect seven dragonballs to make a wish come true There's a girl named Bulma whose hair is blue They train all day and train all night They train some more and then train, then fight Throwing big fireballs is the order of the day If you're looking for a good anime stay away (Dragonball is good. It's not mindless action like in Dragonball Z.) Next: Larry Bird
  13. I'm giving this one to Joe. I thought that Joe didn't start off as well as Schnazz, but came back with his second verse. Schanzz's second verse was good, but I really couldn't get behind the last third of it. Kind'of seemed like he got off his own track.
  14. Lunch, twelve o'clock on the dot I twist open up a bottle of pop Reach in the fridge for a sub Roast beef with a bit of salt n' pepper for rub Sit in an open area taking in the ambiance But grade F beef got me taken in an ambulance Sitting in my bed with an IV and a catheter for some reason Wishing that roast beef was out and pumpkin pie was in season Grandparents
  15. Very nice rhymes. I especially liked these. "Hit you with the truth, you the clown in the dunk-booth" "I don't even need to bother with this hater Running up and down his sister like an escalater"
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