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  1. Hey FuQ you no I like the song already. Great audio too
  2. Miami is a great song and JJFP did make a lot of great summer songs Actually on my last day of school I'm bringin some mini speakers to hook up to my mp3 and as soon as the bell rings I'm turnin it on and blastin Summertime
  3. Why would I keep that wack rhyme in my head How bout you stop braggin and listen to me instead cuz I'm a lyrical braniac Spit like a maniac Keep goin and goin, just like that bunny And no Joe I'm not tryin to be funny I'm serious, you must be delirious Sayin you can defeat me Theres no way youll beat me My rhymes will just straight up crush you Your the criminal, I'm the cop and well its time to bust you When you sayin nobody missed me ha my eyes roll People missed me so much they were makin polls J-O-E its you I've had enough with Well I'm done lets see what you come up with
  4. I'll get it to you give me a minute or two
  5. Do you mind if i jump in? Cuz you no I'm gonna win Better watch out cuz Bagos unbanned Now to take over the rap world like i planned Thats right I'm back Bracesup was wack As for J-O-E He flees from me Come back to the forum and everything changed Took the forum I new and flipped and rearanged They say how do you feel about all the new memebers Well theyre just more chumps for me to dismember I feel sorry for whoevers battlin the B.A.G. whether its you, bracesup, or J-O-E No one can stop me; feel my wrath I'll destroy everything thats in my path
  6. Hey good to see a new memeber but how could you say i won?his rhyme demolished mine! P.S. HOLY SH*T where'd I get all these votes? :kekeke:
  7. Wait, theres another Jazzy Jeff?????? :confused3:
  8. I heard it was Benny Medina who that happened to... probaly, i saw the interview alon time ago i probaly got some of the details mixed up
  9. secretly Lerkot's idol was David Copperfield.....
  10. Yeah.. I dont think someone who never even talks about JJFP and thinks that Eminem is a better lyricist + says that 50 Cent is good should comment AJs taste... lambert, you should start talkin about JJFP on the forums, not only 50 Cent, Eminem and you name it... remember that you said my music taste was ****? Well, if you think JJFP is ****, tell me what you are doin here.. :kool: :ditto:
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