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    My Interests<br />___________________________________<br />Internet,PSP/DS,music,reading,religion(I'm muslim),hanging out,i like this forum and allhiphop.com,I like debateing religion,i'm a very interesting person,I also like to cook,meet new peaple,movies,I like will smiths work&talent,<br /><br />More About me(Comming Soon)<br />___________________________________

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  1. Maybe Will Smith,will do.What Obama didn't do!
  2. Besides,the usual Will Smith stuff!Is Will Smith that Great?Seven Pounds,POH,Ali are Good.But Films,like I Am Legend&Ect.Were he's supposed.To be playing a Serious Role.But ends up being.The Usual,Will Smith.Those type of films are Alright.But Critics,Dogged that film.For a Reason!I was into Seven Pounds,allott.But the Plot.Is too far fetched.What are your Opinions?
  3. This might seem generic compared to I AM LEGEND.Should still have a great story!OOPs i forgot this is I AM LEGEND :susel[1]: :sipread: :yeahthat:
  4. http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread...son-446829.html What Will thinks of hitler!Please move,if i posted this in the wrong forum...
  5. A homeless man had i sighn, that read! Will Smith's nomination is amongst the idiots. I personally don't wanna judge the guy or Will Smith...So post your thoughts!
  6. If i were to buy them,i would wait 3 years for a price drop,and buy the games that i want until then...
  7. Interesting,I know what's it's like to homeless...So i'll definitly wanna watch this one...
  8. http://community.allhiphop.com/showthread....651216#poststop :lol:
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