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  1. "Against other assholes who act like this" Whoa. When did Will start start cursing in his rhymes?
  2. It had to have been staged. Em still had a mic on him. No way a boom could have picked him up that clearly.
  3. I'll still watch. Gotta root for Orlando to pull off an upset.
  4. The Cavs need more than just James to get to the finals and it doesn't seem like anyone is able to be the second or third scorer they need. The Lakers seem like they don't even want to win and just expected everyone to cow in the presence of Bryant, Gasol, and Bynum(who's been a real non-factor in the post season). Anyway, things look to be shaping up to a Magic-Nuggets finals and I think I'm okay with that.
  5. Lol. For a second I thought someone messed with my bookmarks when it brought me to the forum page. Looks good though.
  6. Usually just alternative rock, whatever Coldplay is, and nearly anything from the 80s.
  7. Hmm. I'd have to wait till if or when I see a trailer before I pass judgement.
  8. Saw it at a midnight showing. Top notch stuff. The story was even better than I thought it would be. Definitely a movie worth watching more than once. I probably will too.
  9. I found this while looking at Alvin and the Chipmunk videos. Will just intros into a short rendition of Crocodile Rock by Elton John sung by Alvin. You might find it interesting if you're a product of the Eighties. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeCOTE9_Yjo...feature=related
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