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  1. I definitely think he'd make a good host. Why hasn't he done it before? Was he never offered to host or were there conflicting schedules?
  2. If you’re Shaq and Kobe then this is the ’97 season The Lakers didn’t win and that would be the reason Like Stockton to Malone we’ll show boph y’all the sweep Time for you to weep, Shh not time for you to speak Unlike my rhyme scheme you know your rhymes are just weak It’s what happens when I seek out to battle with the meek Maybe you need a beat or strategies from the Greeks I’ll keep it simple, you just don’t have the flair We know I’ve got the talent I’m Charmng and debonair You’re clumsy, you’re ungainly, just plain inelegant I know your last spit was leaving you very spent Like you sold your tableware but still couldn’t make the rent Now for the badboy that’s steppin’ to the plate My rhymes’ll leave you blind like sprayin you with the mace Yo this ain’t a marathon, it’s a sprint pick up the pace You tried to rap battle but it ends up in disgrace Like videogames? Since 1987 I've been considered an ace I'll be the one to put you back into place In this game I'm a rappin deity I've become the savior to stop your depravity You stepped in the game without realising the gravity of your situation, your skills have a limit, no longevity I can rap in one breath from here to eternity I think y'all need help you're hip hop challenged up till now you've found a way to manage Vanilla Ice is like Pac compared to ya Wild's suffering paranoid schizophrenia You suffer from delusions obtained through jealosy I'm wonderin if you still think that you're Kobe Wild one here's 32 for you to spin .1 on the clock still think you can win?
  3. To the Naughty Kid and the World Wide Web You Might as Well Jump 'cause you're on the edge Silvertiger's flows pushed you to the ledge and I'ma push you off, consider me a wedge Listen little badboy whatcha gonna do? I was gonna do an essay, but thought "Nah, I'll defeat you" Right now you're chillin in your Sean John gear But listening to my rhymes'll make your longjohns smeared Thought ya could defeat us, that's a bit queer Queer, as in weird I'm not saying you're gay 'Cause I know when we drew dub3 and badboy you'd have a bad day Talent show? Yeah this a talent show we spit now you gots ta walk away Call up dub3 and rap with him on your two way You tried to bring it, but we aint Burger King You won't have it your way Y'all might as well try to be an Idol, go ahead sing 'Cause spittin and flowin, that's more our thing I just past sixteen lines and it feels like kicking a dog that's down Don't frown badboy once dub 3 steps up it'll be him I clown Dub3 why don't you go 'head and take a rest Going up agaisnt the best got you heavin in ya chest I'm Frsh and so's my rhymes that leave you in a daze You sit there for hours just shocked and amazed I spit and come up with elaborate ways To speed by you to get the next phase Battling against us'll leave y'all with abrasions If ya battle us again there'll be more hesitation Try us again and you'll lose that confrontation Look at this I still got time to write my essay Looks like I got to stop clowin today I know about clownin' 'cause I saw the It Now you know my flows are the hot ish.
  4. Seeing as how I'm an anyone wanna team up with me djsilvertiger? So how many teams are there going to be allowed?
  5. Congrats to Jazzy Julie and Hero1. The battle was definitely finals worthy. And props to Prince for keeping the battles moving.
  6. [quote=Wild Child,May 13 2004, 09:12 AM][quote=FrshPrnceCharmng,May 12 2004, 02:38 PM] Congrats Wild Child and good luck to everyone in the upcoming rounds.[/quote] same to you man. Lol Big retard bird?[/quote] Lol, it was the first thing to come to my mind and it was my set up for the canary thing near the end.
  7. Congrats Wild Child and good luck to everyone in the upcoming rounds.
  8. 1 Wild Child? You're more like a mild child/ Thought that your "rap" could get me mad, I'm not the least bit riled/ And what's up with your "rap", it sounds alot like preaching/ Get your school books ready 'cause you I'll be teaching/ I don't need to preach to show I'm the best/ I let the words flow out my mouth and you take care of the rest/ I can see in the jungle looking like Big Bird, the Mild Retard up a tree building a nest/ 8 That's where you'll be 'cause you're shaking with fear and I'm making you dread/ 'Cause the people now know compared to you Bert and Ernie got more street cred/ You talk 'bout how you'll hit me till my pants fall down/ What's up with that? Like mom like son you get passed around?/ People go to your house and they hear a slurping sound/ You suck geeks! You suck jocks, you just plain suck/ By the end of a day you sound like Donald Duck/ My rhymes are hitting you like a fly gets hit by a Mac truck/ 16 If you could retaliate you wouldn't cause you're lyrically stuck/ Me wearing a thong? Where'd you get that?/ You're the guy wearing the dresses cat/ Oh let me guess you've man breasts and grew out your hair/ What alley did you crawl out of? I'd also like to try B.U.M. wear/ 'Nuff about you. I'm my rhymes are Frsh and crispy like produce/ and to any contenders my rhymes will reduce/ you to doing gigs at bus stations/ 24 while I be rocking Times Square and getting standing ovations/ I don't need to think I'm a rhyming dictionary/ I could explain that to you but I don't have time for pictionary/ Oh I forgot you're just a big canary/ You got to get home to suck a big hairy/ Rrrring school's out you best mind the frost/ Here's a map I know you got lost/ Now you know my pen's mightier than your sword/ 32 Check yourself in a hospital, ask for the Burn ward/
  9. Charlie Mack We have 2 necessities Height about 6'6" Weight about 290 He could bench about 300 pounds
  10. Wild Wild West Don't even think about it, 6 gun, weighin a ton, 10 paces and turn, just for fun, son, I Gotta Go Home I got my girl waitin I'm supposed to land at 8 and 10 days I'm in Jamaica workin
  11. Insanity has taken over. Throw me in before my better judgement returns.
  12. Happy Birthday sir. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear AJ! Happy birthday to you! This makes you 24 right?
  13. So Fresh Hip Hop's number 1 son still shines
  14. Is it just me or does Will's thumb look a little flat?
  15. "I just saved money on my car insurance."
  16. Here it comes the party of a lifetime 31st of December Man I remember when the ball dropped for 90 Now it’s '99, ten years behind me What’s gonna happen? Don’t nobody know We’ll see when the clock gets to 12-0-0 Chaos, the cops gonna block the street Man who the hell cares? Just don’t stop the beat No time to sleep, yo it’s on tonight K-C you feeling me right? (Ooh Yeah) 2-0-0-0, the Will 2 K The new millennium, yo excuse me Willennium (yeah) can’t get thicker than this (Big Will) Slick like Rick I can’t miss (And we gonna party like it’s 19) Hold up it is
  17. Series theme. I got in 1 little fight and my mom got scared. I pulled up to a house about 7 or 8.
  18. All right. All right. I concede. Will said "dog mess". I wasn't over analysing it on any level. I know Jeff didn't go through the same training as Will. At the time I was just picturing Will smacking the darkness out of Jeff.
  19. The 2 days to post or your out seems the most likely way even though there's a chance that a lot of people might automatically be out. I was thinking maybe a set date where everyone can log in and things could happen live so to speak with like 5-10 min between raps. But that would be asking a lot.
  20. It seemed weird but overall funny when Will said he'd "smack the darkness out of Jeff." Now I'm thinking about it all the time.
  21. I think inspiration is the wrong word to use. Idiot, chump, gullible, and of course talentless come to mind when I think of him. What kind of dream is being paraded around to showcase your lack of talent? I can't say that I hate him, but it's hard not to when he's being paid to be a crappy preformer, and people encouraging him. And would it kill him to get some dental work done?
  22. I like a lot of different music, just whatever sounds good at the time. Recently though I've been on a Linkin Park kick. Crawling is my all time Linkin Park fave.
  23. I still need to see Mutumbo reject a shot and then do that little "Not in my House" finger wag. How many years has he been in the league?
  24. Mark Jackson and Reggie Miller are very deserving of a ring, but I want Malone to get it. Out of those three he's been the closest to getting one, but couldn't get it because of his Airness, twice. So close to retirement, he's not even sure if he'll come back to chase the all time points title, having a ring would definitely be a good ending. I don't play Live that much, I like the 2k series, but I like to use the 90's All Stars and just beat on everyone.
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