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  1. [quote=mfuqua23,Aug 19 2004, 02:37 PM]But I don't understand what he meant by the best of today part?[/quote] It seems like he meant that the best lyricists of today's are just as good if not better than the best from the 80s.
  2. "I know everyone paid for admission, but thank [i]you[/i] for the tips!"
  3. I like the grilled squash and onions. I eat food that's been on the floor, just inside the house not on the street, even if it's been there for longer that five seconds. I've also come to like honey nut cheerios with applejuice. One time I ran out of milk for cereal, and I knew how it tasted if I used water, so I brought out the applejuice and it's pretty good. All this talk of food is getting me hungry. :touche:
  4. Just came back from the theaters. I thought the movie was great. The story was even better than I expected. It was intelligent and the pace kept the action within arms reach of the mystery. I can't say how glad I was though that there were quite a few humorous moments in the movie. I like my action/mystery with a little comedy. I think that the ending scene might leave a door for a sequal. [b]The following may be, and probably is, a spoiler. Those who have not seen the movie would do well to avert their eyes.[/b] [font="Times"]I definitely knew that viki was the main baddie. I saw something vaguely similar in the Universal Soldier sequal. Anyway, I have a half baked thought that the end scene shows just how evolved the robot has become by not only having emotions, but making a mistake in thinking Will was the one on that hill instead of himself. However that is all speculation.[/font]
  5. [img][/img] [b]Will Smith, shown here, has been suffering from back pains since carrying the Ali movie.[/b]
  6. I guess it's just me, but I don't see this as a come back. He hasn't necessarily gone out of sight. Plenty of artists have a few years with no album. Will's last album was released in '02. The time between Big Willie Style and Willenium was two years. Two years isn't that long of a wait. Anyway, comeback or not, I don't doubt that this album will do well. I doubt it could hit diamond status, but I'm thinking Will'll make sure it'll do much better than Born to Reign. :touche: I love this sword fighting.
  7. I don't care if the Lakers suck. I just want Karl and Gary to win and get those rings. Karl can, hopefully, return to the Jazz next season and go for the all time scorer's title and Gary would tag along. Maybe Stock could come back for one game for the deciding point, maybe do it during half time, Karl'll have his scorer's title the way he scored a whole grip of his points, off of a Stockton assist wearing a Jazz uniform. Probably won't happen, but one can hope.
  8. I think he said something about listening to his Will Smith cd in that music video Forgot about Dre.
  9. Shaq was the only Lakers player to have a good game. Kobe, although scoring 25 points only made 10 of 27 from the field. That's 17 misses too many. Kobe's got to be more selective. I think he was just testing himself against Hamilton, see who could get the most points. The rest of the team didn't do much either though. The outside shot wasn't falling, they began trailing, and then the outside shot became their first option. If the Lakers have Shaq move from the weak side of the floor, the side without the ball, to the strong side, the side with the ball, then the Lakers have the opportunity to either draw a foul from one of Detroit's bigs or an easy two from a pass from the corner. Weak to strong has worked before why shy away from it now?
  10. I liked Shrek 2. Anyway the trailer didn't seem anything like Finding Nemo to me. I don't remember Will's name being shown though. Maybe I was doing something else, but it did look pretty funny.
  11. Congrats badboys and WildWildWillenium. Good luck in the Finals. djsilvertiger, it was a privilage battling together. Now I know how Kevin Garnett felt like, lol.
  12. I think Detroit has a better chance than Indiana, who I thought would be going to the finals, would have had.
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