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  1. he may have been in the music biz longer, but what i said was he didcated his life to acting much more than music, especially recently.
  2. im sayin actor..he has dedicated the majority of his life to acting, not rapping..while i like listening to his great albums more than watching his phenomenal movies, he is an actor. the day he puts his movies on hold and does a tour, maybe thatll change
  3. kinda sucks tho..will prob wont even b there, they will show a 30 second clip of the vid..but i guess it cant hurt
  4. no word on a tour right now..hes shooting a movie presently
  5. yeah i agree..who would call "freakin' it" a diss track? it had one lame line about "soft" like microsoft
  6. ok but we all need to pick a day (thurs) the day after the premier, and vote for the entire hour. over and over again. then, i gaurantee, it will make the countdown. lets do it!!!!!!!!!
  7. at first, ID4 was bashed by ebert..but after the success of the film, he changed his rating to a thumbs up..hes a loser tho..fat tub of lard watching movies all day..
  8. here we go again..commence the kanye hatefest..if anybody could do that mix , w jay and 'ye and will, thatd be really dope
  9. yeah..they suck anyway..yeah bloodhound gang was really cool..in 1996
  10. yeah .. ridiculously bad.. if you think kanyes flow is good.. you need to hear some real rap :lolsign: :lolsign: i need to hear some real rap..yet im on a FP board..what are you trying to say? :stickpoke: i think kanyes awesome-get over it and let me express my opinions on a messageboard..i think thats what they are here for
  11. If u say YE ain' got a flow u basically don't know **** about flows. thank you..yeah i think late reg is a better album..wills is dope..but will can look to him as inspiration for a new record..and a possible collaboration..kanyes flow is rediculous, his beats are sick, his lyrics are deep and complex, and sadly, they make wills 'l and f' seem a lil self-serving..will is my fav rapper of all time, but kanyes got my respect as well..and he put an amzing product on the shelf
  12. ok im sure a few people here have posted about kanyes new album. After listening to, and loving, the new record, I find it similar to wills. and it gives me ideas for will's next album..finally will had sumptin to say on L and F..about himself..kanye rapped about a lotta stuff thats goin on in the world. will, besides 'tell me why' doesnt..which is fine-he still had a message, and he got it across. and it didnt have to do with goin to a club, bein in a club, gettin the club outta control, etc. good for him. now on his next album, I would love to see some deep verses about some real life stuff, poverty and war, and whatever he feels strongly about. i love l and f, and look forward to his next release..kanyes album is reallllly sick tho- give it a listen if you havent already
  13. u know it if youre in the locked down forum..check it out if u can
  14. opposable, i guess, is the word you are going for..why dont u try willsmith.com's messageboard, you'll be more comfortable there
  15. kanye was right, in that this isnt being handled well..however, you cant blame the prez for everything, a lot of people do jump on that bandwagon- "oh bush sucks, its all his fault" most of these people have no clue what they are talking about, theyre just sheep..if you think bush wants people to die in New Orleans, youre a fool..i cant imagine what i would do if i was him, how do you go about rebuilding a whole city? god bless him
  16. just a boombox at the bottom on the website when u access it..you dont have to click boombox nemore..not a big deal, but at least they r still updating
  17. do i think you like it? yeah i think you love it :stickpoke: its under the audio section of this forum
  18. cool effects..but wills dancing makes him look possessed..and its just distracting..but was it worth the wait? of course
  19. lol yeah guys chill..check a lil later...if this thing premieres at all, it prob wont b till the late morn or afternoon..and thats IF it premieres.. :damnlorettas:
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