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  1. thanks for the newz but this has already been posted in "Will to decide between MIB3 and The City That Sailed films"
  2. wow that sounds like music in my ears lets hope its hits the screen very soon!!
  3. WOW Time flies by, HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY BIGWILLY!!!! Still remember you as the freshprince now 40 wow. Still getting jiggy with it though :thumbsup:
  4. aargh get the hell out of heree :noooo: , you mean he wasnt a hockey player before the freshprince?????
  5. This was also reported today in the Dutch RTL News. Tom Cruise “Edwin A. Salt” Film Salary Dispute - Katie Holmes was pictured on the set of TV series “Eli Stone” in Hollywood,yesterday.Tom Cruise was fired from Columbia Pictures’ upcoming movie “Edwin A. Salt” after demanding a $20 million salary.According to FOX News: Apparently, Tom is unaware of the change in his status in the Hollywood community. Where once he was the top-paid star, Cruise now is in a position where a $20 million salary is not possible.Cruise must face the brutal facts of aging. Ironically, he’s been replaced by Will Smith, whom Cruise has courted for Scientology. http://www.spreadit.org/tom-cruise-demands...n-a-salt-movie/
  6. I just the the movie last night and it was great!! I got in with little expectation because of the critics reviews. I really liked it!! Im gonna see it again!
  7. You have to scroll down. There is no direct link. Its says 19-12 Will Smith. It's on the left row 10th from below.
  8. This nice interview is taken at will's house. O my god it's fu..ing bueatifull and huges!!!! I dont think this has been posted before, if so my bad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rmuYFC5pLU
  9. This interview is funny. It's on the show "Jensen" a very funny dutch tv show. Also snoop dogg was on this show before. It starts with a 2 minute video compilation about will's life and career. http://www.rtl.nl/shows/jensen/home/index.xml Scroll all the way down and click on will smith!!
  10. Happy birthday bigwilly!!! damn time moves fast Almost 40 now
  11. What the hell??? This aint spanish, it's actually dutch. He was in holland and he is rapping in english and tryin to speak a little dutch. Im from holland myself.
  12. OO MY GOD!!!!!!! This movie is gonna be hugeeee, cant wait to see it :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:
  13. Can someone please upload alle the performances of Will and Jazz of the Live8 show in Philly. I saw it a long time ago and can't find it anywhere so if someone can upload that for me it would be dope!!! :yeahthat: Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  14. lol Im sorry for getting your hopes up but i thought you might want to check that out. I can't wait for the real trailer either
  15. I found this teaser trailer of I Am Legend on the net. Some video footage of the movies. But it's not a real trailer i think. Check it out: http://tatu.cz/videa/1830.html
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