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  1. 11% on RT ? Yikes. Watching the trailers it was very cringeworthy and I was expecting this to bad but wasn't expecting it to be this bad. People are mocking him for it. Recently watched some of his very promising and terrific older performances. How the mighty have fallen :(.
  2. Wow Chris utterly and totally destroyed Will more than Jada. That was brutal. And the sad part is Chris told the truth very bluntly like he always does with his signature comedy. Jada really F'd things up for Will even more. Will used to be THE man in hollywood. Now... As a fan it hurts but at the same time you know it was coming and they brought it on themselves. Aside of his kids, wife etc he keeps starring in mediocre stuff working with mediocre writers and directors picking money and control over art and quality how do you expect to win at the oscars ? How the F do you turn down Q f Tarantino then complain about not getting nominated for a mediocre movie not worth a nomination. Yes i'm still bitter about Will turning down Django. Not only would he have won the oscar but he would've put himself at the top.
  3. Good director ? Really ? Cast is excellent but as always...Will works again with a bad director. The only exception being suicide squad lately. Me and Earl and the Dying girl was exceptional, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon has so much talent already. Now the guy that does mediocre movies like Sex and the city, Marly and me, Devil wears prada is going to be doing this ? And then you wonder why Will boycotts the oscars if he's going to keep working with mediocre directors. Not to mention the writer Loeb...ugh. It boggles my mind really how Will keeps doing these mediocre projects and almost ignores the high profile ones and then boycotts the oscars.It would only strengthen his case if he worked with really good directors and it's not like impossible, he still has a good name and there are a lot of good directors out there you just need to look for them. He works with Ayer boom exceptional project, probably the most interesting thing he's done in ages....and now he's going back to his old ways...ugh.
  4. She was a vile and unpleasant person 15 years ago. Sad to see age hasn't matured her one bit. Still as vile and unpleasant.
  5. Hmm yes he handled it very well but why this year ? Because he wasn't nominated for concussion ? That movie sadly wasn't good enough for Will to be nominated. Idris Elba, Benicio, Sam Jackson they have a good case, they should've been nominated but Will ? I really didn't think it was as good as Ali or POH imo. But I agree with Spike he made a good point and yes there is obvious racism in Hollywood and Oscars, not just against black people but minorities in general. So people think Will and Jada boycott it because they weren't nominated (Concussion in this case) more than the fact of the long on-going issue of racism in Hollywood. I wish Will had took this decision any other year, would've made his complaints and decision more valid to me and probably many others. Either way Oscars are BS anyway, just a sad circle jerk of a popularity contest.
  6. I've been reading a lot of hate messages towards Will for this (especially after AE) that he asked 50m (and Jaden in it) and that fox said no to Will. I didn't believe it until I found a lot of news about it. Is this true ? If it is true that's really really disappointing. I was hoping he turned it down because he matured as an artist and that money wasn't the main priority but to make a good film and aiming to work with A list directors writers etc. Focus and Concussion remind me of SP or his other films not bad but just not with the right people. Suicide Squad is the only project of his I liked. It's hard to be a fan with the direction he went in after mid 2000s. Reading his facebook post and hearing him say how he wants to take artistic risks and new challenges and then learn that he rejected the biggest offer he got, rejecting QT tells me he's full of it. Any actor dreams about being in a Tarantino film. I also read why he declined that role and it pissed me off even more. It breaks my heart reading all of this about Will on the internet. But at the same time it's his fault. He had everything and now he dug himself into an unneccessary huge hole. I'm not saying he's a great actor but we don't have another actor with that amount of charm and swag out there. Honestly. I said this since the 90's. Will needs to work with A list directors writers. He never did. He rejected them. If focus, seven pounds, concussion are the type of movies he's going to do I'd rather he just did sequels to ID BB etc all day.
  7. Whats happening to his status? Havent been following him lately or seen him in anything. Has his stock dropped ?
  8. I'm glad it's bombing. Hopefully Will takes notice.
  9. Ehmmm what ? What does a movie doing well have to do with him doing music ? I know it's been said in a joking manner but still. Shows what's really on Wills mind. Quite frankly I want this movie to bomb so Will can start focusing on his own career.
  10. The script is pretty strong. Also Kristin Stewart is out. That's a double win-win. I hope Will is in for this one. Finally a good pick. Wanna bet the female lead is NOT going to be white ? I hope I'll live to see the day where we'll see interracial relationships on the big screen without people making a big deal out of it. They'll probably avoid a black actress too and go in the middle by selecting a latin actress. Wouldn't mind seeing Lawrence as the lead. Not gonna happen though.
  11. The more I hear about this film the more pissed off I get at Will for turning it down. Not like he chose another A list production over this but he chose AE. Nepotism, money over quality it's his business but it is a shame to not utilize ones own qualities in a certain field (music, movies) especially given Wills status. He is a terrific actor and he pretty much has the power no other actor has and yet no one will talk about how good of an actor is when his time comes. Instead they'll talk about how mediocre he is (which he isn't) because he spent most of his time either pimping his kids or taking blockbuster money or be in mediocre safe films just because he has total control over it. When it comes to music I went another way (because Will stopped a long time ago) and now I'm slowly becoming less interested in his film career. I'll probably avoid AE and Annie or whatever comes next. I remember how excited I was for him during the 90's early 00's and these past few years are .... very disappointing to say the least.
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